boys have curls too

I truly thought I had hit the lick when I had two boys….meaning no hair braided, no detangling, no deep conditioners, and no salons? I was ever so wrong. The boys require just as much maintenance as me it seems. My biggest problem is the lint the boys catch in their kinks and curls. Satin […]

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a black girl plantation wedding

If you’ve ever scrolled through my posts you will know that I am getting married in 200 days now.  Wow. 200. The time went by quickly.  We have been engaged since Easter of 2016.  Not exactly planning to have such a longer engagement but I was pregnant and wanted a little more twerk bounce back time.  […]

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yes, my toddler has chores

“What the hand does the mind remembers.” ~ Maria Montessori I delight in the compliments that are given to Apple and Dos, well Apple for the most part about his table manners and his behavior at school and in public.  I care that he learns academia but I also want polite, respectful and somewhat well […]

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Hey there. I’ve been away for awhile.  I am currently chasing around two toddlers, two walking toddlers.   There is not enough time in a day.  It just completely slips away, puff.  I have not posted in over two months and I am feeling disconnected at times from writing.  What do I have that people want […]

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sunday vibes 

Honestly, I’m not a bookworm but I try to read as often as I can.   My brain must be turning to  mush because I find it hard to concentrate and sit still.  I’m so used to running behind kids. I am challenging myself to read a book a month. Hey, I have a toddler […]

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just say no to school

I think somebody is ready for pre-school… I create a schooling activity with Sage for about an hour or so a day, hell, 10 minutes most of the time. It’s mostly sporadic throughout the day but consistent.  We read the Sage the same book over and over for about a month.  That was a tip […]

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childhood unplugged 

We had a full week and Mama was tired by Thursday but I hung in there for the kiddos…  Centennial Park was so much fun but Sage was not trying to get wet.   We had a play date with Sages buddy…. he loved the water needless to say! Baby Jus got wet too… Tot […]

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toddler outings 

June is here and summer is around the corner.  The kids will be starting preschool in August and I am not feeling that. Another post. I want to spend as much time with the boys as I can before their first day.  I am really sad about that too. So June is full of activities […]

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diy || baby oil 

I am completely obsessed with skin care and all natural products at that.  I love to make my own scrubs and butters.  My babies included too.  I am so hesitant to buy products off the shelf.  They claim to be natural but the ingredients list is still full of preservatives.  I try to stick […]

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diy || mess-free finger painting

Another DIY craft brought to you this rainy day again… but first, can these chubby little fingers and dimpled knuckles stay forever!! I am working on a VLOG for a cool backyard toy for fun.  So until I get that edited and posted here’s our favorite go to—-Painting! This one is so much cleaner than […]

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veggie omelette toast

Breakfast is served.   I really enjoy cooking for my family even if at times Apple and I are the only ones who eat.  Mistor is pretty simple, not too fancy even with his food.  Me….my palette is all over the place.   I cooked Veggie Omelette Toast yesterday and it was really delicious.  I […]

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childhood unplugged series

Our favorite place to go is the park. We moved to a new city and there is a wonderful park and our little know beach in Atlanta called the Clayton County International Park 4 miles away. I often pack a lunch and we eat in the park.  Sometimes we feed the ducks….sometimes..okay ONE time.  They […]

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my happy isn’t your happy 

In continuing with May’s 30 days of Happy I spent the day at the playground with the kids and my little cousin.  We normally spend a few days out of the week at the playground but today was a bit of a happier day. I realized that I have genuine fun with my kids.  I’m happy, […]

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throwback thursday 

Im several days late posting but no better time than the present. Ha!  We all have a past…. I started at Waffle House two days before 9/11 and left in 2015 when I found out I was pregnant. I was a salesperson and worked up and became a HR/Unit trainer along with one or two […]

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diy || alkaline water is life 

It’s the truth!  Water is life.  Can’t live without it.  I normally drink a fair amount between 3-4 8oz bottles a day but I know I need to drink more.  It’s not very easy for me to drink a gallon a day, the bathroom breaks, ridiculous.  I prefer to buy bottles, more of a mind […]

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diy|| citrus sea salt scrub

With all the skincare products out now it’s pretty hard to choose just one and stick with it. Fast forward seven months post partum, I’m noticing that my once oily skin has become a combination problem, especially in the winter. My T-zones are drier than ever. During pregnancy my skin tone was evened out and […]

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the weekend 

saturday. Our weekend was pretty laid back, cool and spent at our favorite place, the park.  I took the kids to an event called Bikes and Books in the historic West End park of Atlanta at the local bike shop WeCycle Atlanta.   This was an awesome collaboration with the creator of Black Moms Blog.   […]

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daddy’s home 

I’m curious.   Why are they here?  Here, where I would like for them to be.  Maybe my 18 month old had something to do with it.  He’s an electrician by trade so there is no telling where he’ll walk, so I prefer to have them at the door.  Especially with an almost 7 month […]

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30 days of happy 

Happy May!  “I embrace success. The words “I Can’t” are not in my vocabulary. I refuse to believe my own excuses! I am unstoppable!!”  ———————————————– May is Mental Health Awareness month.  Time to get your mind right and in tune with the body and spirit.  Normally, this month brings awareness to mental illnesses but I […]

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surviving my toddler 

Meet Sage.  My first born son of 18 months.   Adorable smile right?!  He. Is. A. Toddler.  Every morning is a different paradigm from the previous but with the same outcome. Tantrums. Screaming. Crying. Yelling. Whining. Pinwheels. Lots of floor pinwheels.  Should I continue, no because if you’ve clicked on this post then you know […]

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chicken & mushroom fettuccine

So the staple that holds this family together are quick 30 minute (or less) one pot meals. I’ll squeeze a crockpot meal in at least two days of the week. He asked if I cooked when we first met…..yeahhhhhh! I just didn’t mention mostly one pot meals.  So now we have two littles under two […]

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diy: pool noodle horses 

Being a stay at home mom, I am always looking for activities to keep the kids busy.  I live on and for Pinterest for CHEAP and easy projects. I am a creative and that’s what I do best…..create.  I’m going to enjoy making arts and crafts more than them.  Off to Michaels we go.   […]

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a letter to my sons 

Today, Justus, you flipped over on your own from your belly with just three pushes onto your back at 2 1/2 months.  I was in awe because you did so, so quickly.   You’re on your way to making your footprints on Earth. Sage, today you called my name…..JADA! Can you believe that and you […]

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bring it 2017

Happy New Year! New beginnings are upon us.  Unfortunately, the rhetoric about 2016 proved to be true, it wasn’t the nicest to me.  I lost my sister, grandfather and an aunt all within the same month.   Fuck! That’s all I can say.  Fast forward several months and the birth of my son soothes me […]

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the weekend

Summer is almost gone and in the blink of an eye.  Sage has become more active, responsive and aware to his surroundings.   So we have to keep him busy.  Have to. This weekend we visited the Children’s Museum of Atlanta and the Lemonade Stand Festival.  Both were so much fun I thought I’d share […]

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DIY Vlog on Skin Toner 

People!!  I am still living in this unspoken paradigm of motherhood and LIFE!  Time management is my daily goal and squeezing posts in when I can, or cannot for that matter, when I should.   One thing I do try to keep up with is my skin care. I’m exhausted and the last thing I […]

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DIY Organic Baby Food 

I’ve been contemplating when and how I would start to prepare Sage’s food for him.  I realized it was time when he snatched my plate out of my hand one day. Kid’s pretty strong.   I’ve done a post on store bought foods because I was traveling a lot for a month or so and […]

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The weekends are what we all look forward to especially after punching in on a click.  Our weekends are pretty laid back.  This one was little different and definitely memorable.   I decided to showcase our weekends through photographs since they speak volumes. So prayerfully every weekend I will blog or vlog about what we […]

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Beauty on A Budget

Beauty is skin deep and deep in the pockets lately! I’ve been extremely busy balancing this life of motherhood.  Exhausted is not even descriptive enough to show how I feel.   Do I look like I feel, sometimes YES!       My first throw up moment…. It’s been five months and I’m noticing that I […]

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Project 52 || Week 6

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  The day when love is officially celebrated is here and it’s included in this week’s Project 52 challenge.  This week’s theme is My Funny Valentine!  How appropriate because these two keep me smiling and lighthearted with their smiles and laughter… *cues in the cuteness    This year was our first Valentine’s as […]

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Why I Brush My Skin

The opinions expressed on LCC are just that MY two cents!!  Got dry, dull skin…. *raises hand.  Winter can take toll on your skin.  I think your skin is the ultimate determining factor of your health.  I mean who doesn’t want healthy, sun kissed glowing skin.  I don’t know about you but I love a […]

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Project 52 || Week 4 

Hobby?!?!  No such thing to me but for lack of a better term… any hobby to me is your passion and purpose.  Something you do well that you can’t go a day without thinking about or doing. It’s Week 4 in my Everyday Eyecandy Project 52 challenge and this week’s theme is Hobby. I believe you […]

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You Mothers Are Liars

Motherhood.  What can I say?!  This has come to be a very broad and general statement to me.  Can’t quite put my finger on it.  I’ve been screamed at, pooped on, laughed at, peed on, laughed at,  nipple tugged, laughed at!  It’s basically kicking my ass left and right!  The joys definitely outweigh the bad […]

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Project 52: Week 3

This week’s inspiration for Project 52 is FAVORITE.  This was hard because I have so many “favorites”!!  Here’s a snap at a few.  My favorite part of him… when he twiddles his toes… happiness and contentment!!    My favorite tea is “THE” Chamomile Citrus by Might Tea Leaf Company. They come in the cutest silk woven […]

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A Pic A Day 1-15

I  blog in the wee hours, mostly because it’s when my Apple is asleep and I can complete a task.  I piggybacked my Project 52 off of the initial Project 365+1 where you take a photo a day. Pretty intimidating but I told myself I’m gonna do it.  Most of my pics are loosely based […]

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My 21 Day Sugar Detox Meals 

As you know from reading my blog I began a 21 Day Sugar Detox.  So far I’m enjoying eating mostly raw foods.  I’ve had my sugar cravings but I drink plenty of water and the cravings subside for a few hours or so lol.  I will blog most of the meals I’ve been eating on […]

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Eyecandy Project 52: Week 2 

Another week has rolled around in the New Year and so far so great over here.  This is Week 2 of the Eyecandy Project 52 photography challenge. Visit here for details!  This week’s theme is Happiness is… I shot this pic while reading to my son before bedtime, he was not trying to fall out before […]

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Avocado Quinoa Bowl

Food is a delightful treat of mine anytime, anywhere. I try my best to eat a variety of healthy foods but I backslide as any normal human would.  I decided to try a 21 Day Sugar Detox to cleanse my body of toxins, inflammation and replenish energy levels as well.  Not to mention it brightens […]

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Eyecandy Project 52: Week 1

So begins the photography challenge with Everyday Eyecandy’s Project 52 to fine tune my new found photography hobby.  The theme for week 1 is WHO ARE YOU? Visit her website to check out the details. I posted this pic yesterday on the blog to introduce the photography challenge for the week.  I decided to use it because it celebrates […]

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Project 52: Flick. Flick. 

It’s the first week of the New Year approaching and it’s polarizing.  2015 was a lesson learned, see my post. I’ve decided no resolutions on how much weight I’ll lose or how organized I’ll become because c’mon, I mean will I really stick to them?  I don’t know of anyone who does realistically.  We all […]

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