Meet Jada


I started this blog with the intention of reaching out to other new mommies to create a community of new brown mamas (in fly heels of course) strutting towards a common goal of balancing and raising life as well.  I came up with the name Brown Babies -N- Heels because of the challenges of raising brown free-spirited children knowing its okay to still have your heels on while creating ample memories for my child(ren) to look back on.

There is something about the glow in pregnancy that awakens another part in you that only a mother can explain.  Now I know what my mama was talking about.  I am confronted with how to balance being the best mom I can be while being the best ME in the process.  I will walk through all aspects of love, family, diapers, DIY projects, beauty, fashion and day to day juggling of motherhood, through my eyes of course.  It will be one big beautiful mess!! My journey may not be lavish but it will be a beautiful mess that I can look back on and know that I am doing the best that I can and making sure to spend as much ample time with my family in the process.

So who am I you ask? I am Jada, a care-free, free-spirited, self proclaimed glamorous brown mommy to-be.  I own a couple of businesses but my true passion is creating jewelry and DIY crafts which I will be sharing.  I love.  I create.  I cook.  I thrift.  I party.  I travel.  I blog.  All in a days work!! Now that we have a baby on the way my way of viewing the world has changed tremendously.  My priorities are changing, I can no longer think of me first.  I definitely don’t have the answers but I welcome the challenges in the memories that we will create raising a beautiful brown baby all while strutting in my heels….well flats during my pregnancy!

Five months pregnant! Halfway there!


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