Six Reasons to Enjoy Your Pregnancy


Well it looks like summer is never going to stop here in Atlanta. Being pregnant during the hottest months of the year was trying and sweaty but it has stretched my patience just a little further. To know that I can handle being uncomfortable for damn near a year was truly a testament of my endurance and the beginnings of the bounds and depths of my love for my son! Many people would comment I know you’re “miserable” or “Wow, you’re going to have a long hot pregnancy ahead of you!” I mean really, do you really think I have not thought of this but I digress, I choose to see the beauty in each and every month of my pregnancy.

I waited a long time to have a child(ren) many times thinking it would never happen. But… here I am 8 months enjoying every minute of it. So I’m thinking to myself what have I most enjoyed about being pregnant and the list went on and on so I broke it down into six important things for me:

1. Every one loves preggo women—-

Yes, it’s true!! Who doesn’t love a woman carrying a baby. I mean everywhere I turned there was food shoved in my face, friendly smiles and conversations, free belly rubs, strangers sharing their umbrellas during quick runs to the store. Politeness everywhere, I never want it to end. It just goes to show that there is still a human side to people when you are bringing life into this world. Almost as if people are saying we appreciate your unselfish act of love! This is when I realized the most that it’s not about you anymore Mama!! Family, friends even strangers are thinking of your baby now.


2. Watching your body transition—-

Watching your body go through the changes of pregnancy month to month is the most amazing experience to relish in. Knowing the power that your body has and is capable of to bring a life into the world and then to snap, well, somewhat, bounce back. I mean who knew an elbow or a foot poking out of your stomach would amuse you if not freak you out like it did me at first!!


3. Sleep—

If it’s one thing I love to do it’s SLEEP! I couldn’t wait to take naps after school as a kid and it has rolled over into adulthood. As your body changes and your baby grows you get sleepier. And sleepier. And sleepier! Seriously, I’ve never slept so much in my life and at the drop of a hat. So I’m taking this time to enjoy it because I know for the next decade or so sleep will not be a luxury as it is now. My friend once told me I can’t remember the last time I took a nap, I’m like Hunh! But I get it now I shall soon utter those same exact words!


4. No more periods… Period—-

I don’t know about you but, God never taking a trip to that dreaded aisle for the next nine months was absolutely heaven to me. I mean who really looks forward to that time of the month. Although the emotions have tripled, no, quadrupled in size due to the pregnancy hormones. I’ve heard several times I liked your period mood swings better babe! Go figure!! Alas, I will enjoy these next couple of months because soon enough Aunt Flow will be back with a vengeance *Le Sigh

5. Post-Pregnancy body may be worse than Pre-Pregnancy Body—-

I’ve had people say to me I know you can’t wait to get your body back. Actually, no, heck no!! I don’t want THAT body back lol but I am excited to see the new version of ME!! Everyday I’m told how beautiful I am and how my pregnancy body is glowing and gorgeous by him—- I just love him!! This is a struggle that I don’t look forward to but I know that my body is preparing to deliver a miracle, why would I want to go back. I’d prefer to move forward and be better than my pre-pregnancy body! So…as of now I enjoy the extra weight on my butt, I really do and the jiggly arms. Even the stretch marks I’ve formed on my hips, which are fascinating to me, big boobs, luscious hair, glowing skin… I really need to go on!!


6. Two Please—-

Eating for two is just the fun of it. I try not to eat every little thing that passes by my face, that my nose doesn’t turn away, to make shedding the weight easier. I mean I would hate to think that all those mornings in the gym sweating to the bone could’ve been prevented by not eating the whole box of Nilla wafers…aren’t those the best ever! I’m a foodie! As it says in my bio…I Love. I Create. I Pray. I EAT!! I try to eat a balanced diet of lean meats and healthy portions of veggies and fruits! I love beans now, but not everyone in the household loves the aftermath….Sorry babe! I’ve managed to gain only 9 pounds…Woohoo!! Yes, my baby is healthy and actually bigger than he should be..No worries!! I could gain another 5-10pounds before my pregnancy is over with and I can live with that. Trust that my pregnancy may compare to yours, I didn’t crave much. I can only tell you how my hunger pangs were fulfilled. Eat healthy as much as possible but don’t deprive yourself of treats every now and then.  Cheat meals will slow down the temptations as opposed to completely taking them away and over indulging later on.


****opinions expressed on Brown Babies -n- Heels blog are just that!!! My two cents!!***

What did you enjoy the most about your pregnancy?


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