Creating My Birthing Plan… Have You??


Well today was another doctor’s appointment and all is well… Praises!! I absolutely LOVE my doctor’s office. I am now having visits every other week and the jitters are coming too. My nurse registered us for our delivery and we have a tour scheduled for next week. This all seems so surreal!! Although I am a bit curious about the unknowns of delivery, there is a surprising calm over me as well. I spend my time planning, that it keeps me at peace and if I think something could go awry I redraft another plan.

My doctor told me to start preparing a birthing plan to let her know how I would like the birth to be for not only the baby but me as well. You might ask what is a birthing plan? A birthing plan is a document that lets your medical team know your preferences during birth such as pain management, whether you want your baby bathed first or immediate skin-to-skin contact, etc. Keep in mind you may not get all preferences depending on the health of your baby but be as flexible and as clear with your team as possible!

I know that if my baby is as calm and stress free as possible then I am OK! So I pull out my notebook and get to writing. I’m old school, handwriting just makes me feel more connected to any thought process or planning. I’ve listed a few ideas that my doctor told me to think about and maybe they can help you decide how you want your baby to enter the world….calm and happy!


Have you thought about how you want to deliver?! Natural, birthing center, water birth or home birth? Who would you like to be in the room with you or would you just like it to be just the two of you to relish in this experience? What about a light snack, if allowed by your doctor? I would suggest fruit or crackers. From what my doctor says this could be a long and tiresome labor and you’ll need your energy and light snacks can supply that for you. What about music?? Music is apart of my daily routine in whatever I do so I can’t see myself going through this experience without some Sade, soft whale noises lol knowing me I just might pop in some OutKast (So Fresh and So Clean) to keep me distracted from the pain. What selections would you pick?

Ask your doctor if you’re able to move around while in labor. Although you may be hooked to a fetal monitor request a portable one. Walking is good for relaxing and stretching the pelvis for delivery. If at any moment you cannot handle the slightest pain decide early if you want pain medications. The earlier the medicine is administered the better.  Keep in mind you are required to sit very still, so once the pain becomes to unbearable it maybe harder to sit still. There is the least amount of movement allowed for the safety of you and the baby. Remember this is a spinal anesthesia!!

Decide what position you would like to deliver. I know squatting is recommended because gravity works for you but it’s completely fine to lie in bed with your feet propped up. If a c-section is necessary more than likely your support person will have to wait outside the room! BUMMER!! Ask if viewing is allowed so that you can still watch your baby being born because I’m told you will be awake during this process. Would you like assisted delivery such as instruments: metal forceps (they look painful) or a vacuum to suck your baby out (WTF)??? I personally don’t want either. We’re going to go this the most natural way as possible and hands only if needed.


Once my beautiful baby boy arrives I’ve decided on immediate skin-to-skin contact to initiate bonding and the breast crawl to breastfeed. If you’ve never heard of it the BREAST CRAWL is an awesome process for your baby to initiate breastfeeding on his own within the first hour of birth. There are tons of video on it! I implore you to explore this fascinating process. If there any medical procedures needed you can request to have them conducted in the same room or have your support person accompany him during these procedures.

Have you decided on who cuts the cord? My son’s father is ecstatic about cutting it, a little too ecstatic. Also, I’ve decided to delay clamping until the placenta has taken its last breath of life. I mean this was your baby’s life support all that time in your belly. I want him to receive all the nutrients which are beneficial to him. This cuts the chances of your baby having low iron deficiency or anemia.

Lastly, I demand, I know a litlle diva-ish right,  that my baby remains in the room with me at ALL times. I’ve waited nine long months to be with him I just can’t bear the thought of him sleeping elsewhere.

So I think I about covered every aspect I could think of from friendly advice to amazing videos about the birthing process. Anything I miss? Tell me about it! Are there any specifics that you want/need to have to ensure a reduced stress labor???? Reach out to me @brbabiesnheels or Facebook!

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