National Black Breastfeeding Week…Will you join the movement?

breastfeedingI just finished a breastfeeding class last week and I have to be honest, it scared me more than the expectations of delivery itself. The thought of having the responsibility of nourishing a child from my body is overwhelming with so many questions in my mind, what if my son doesn’t latch on, what if I can’t produce enough milk, what if he is not gaining enough weight and God forbid what if I’m so exhausted I won’t hear my Apple, his nickname, cry his lungs out?! Then we have the nipple shields, nursing bras, cracked nipples, engorgement aaaand the magnificent electronic double breast pump….this mechanism itself is reminiscent of a dairy farm lol.  I’ve resolved myself to being a milk fairy for the next year or so.

I thought breastfeeding would simply be holding the baby to the nipple and he’ll do the rest but it is so much more.  So with August being the awareness month to provide insight to mothers to breastfeed, I am encouraging other brown mamas -to-be to journey into breastfeeding your baby. Black women have the lowest rate of breastfeeding their babies than any other demographic in the country.  Although there are numerous amounts of reasons, medical included, why black women don’t breastfeed, I implore you to try it first.  This post is not to knock or criticize mothers that choose to formula feed their babies and nourish their babies the way they see fit at all. This post is just to give you a glimpse into the world and the benefits of breastfeeding. I will be sure to share my experience with you when the day arrives…..OUCH!!!

–the opinions expressed on Brown Babies -n- Heels is just that, my TWO cents!!

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