Happy National Dog Day!! 

This blog is about my life and well my dogs are apart of my life–meet Zulu and Ms. Elizabeth.  I’ve had Zulu for six years. He was given to me by a family friend and Ms. Elizabeth, a stray, followed us home from our morning walk one day about a month ago and she just fit right in.  We took her to get checked out and……Sweetness!!

FullSizeRender (3)As a kid “I”, my brother wasn’t an animal lover as much, always wanted a dog but the answer was always “NO” so to suffice my parents gave us rabbits….Exactly! But…I love rabbits as well, so much I’ve had three in my lifetime.  All of them lived 10-12 years.  But nothing was like the love of a dog.


****meet Akeem, his mate Semii passed away 😦 Yes they’re named after the Coming To America movie characters, HaHa!!****

I received Zulu at six weeks and he has been a roller coaster ride ever since!  A very happy and hyper dog.  He has so much personality and he’s quite humorous too.  I know he understands English, I just know it! I always wanted two dogs because everyone and thing needs a companion…..cues Ms. Elizabeth. 

I was planning to get another dog when Zulu turned 7 or 8 when he began to age.  I don’t think I could handle two happy and hyper dogs! 

Now Ms. Elizabeth—Ms. Thang is a different story.  She’s very playful with Zulu, quite aggressive with it and demands attention when she’s in your presence from any and everyone.  Before we knew her personality I found her on a street named Elizabeth Place.  Quite frankly it should be Queen Elizabeth!! She even sits like one with her paws tucked under and head perched high in the air.  She acts accordingly!


I write this to say these two definitely complete the dynamic in our world, well my world and we can’t wait to see how they interact with our son, my Apple! Stay tuned for pics and stories…

Do you have any pets? Would you allow the kiddos to have four-legged friends? Reach out to me @brbabiesnheels or Facebook!
***the opinions expressed on Brown Babies -n- Heels blog are just that!! My TWO cents!!


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