Random Acts of Nothing But Something

My hometown Atlanta…..Stand Up!! Tonight was date night for us.  We’re trying hard to keep this up when baby Sage arrives.  We have vowed to still enjoy and take care of each other first in order to raise and build a family on our foundation.

Fuzzy us

Tonight was dinner at Twisted Soul….southern cuisine with a twist! Exquisite to say the least! We, well I, took pics outside the building in front of this beautiful mural with powerful words “Inspire Each Other”, something I try to aspire to.  I try to capture as many images any and everywhere we go to create memories to look back on when we’re 80 and fly with our kids and grandkids.  Pose for the camera now….Click Click!! Yes, huge Beyoncé fan!!

Mural in downtown Decatur

Now, about the food, it was to die for!  The atmosphere was perfectly lit with tea candles on top of rustic tables hence the fuzzy “ussie” we took.  I found this restaurant using the Scout Mob app...download it now!! Plus we received half off up to $25 on our meal.  The chef sent over smoked salmon moo-moo’s and sweet potato bread, all complimentary.  It was our lucky night or maybe because I’m eight months preggers….either way—-> winning.  We’ll definitely be visiting soon when their winter crab boil begins.

NOLA Barbecue Gulf Shrimp

I make him take tons of shots until I get the right one and until he gets better at it!! He hates it but loves the pics when I finally pick the right ones.  When we first began dating I mentioned that I only ask for us to create beautiful memories no matter how small or simple, just the two of us……Just random acts of nothing but something!

****the opinions expressed on the blog Brown Babies -n- Heels are just that, MY two cents!!!****

Do you still continue date night after having kids? I’d love to hear the things you guys do! We need suggestions ASAP!! Tell me about it @brbabiesnheels or Facebook! 


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