How To Bid and WIN On EBay

One of my favorite past times now that we have a baby on the way is shopping on eBay for baby boy clothing.  Granted, I do peruse through department stores and online sales as well but we have opted to try used baby clothing for some items.  I will be a stay at home for the first year or so we definitely look to cut costs wherever we can.  We have welcomed hand-me downs from friends and family, which we adore, some of which have been passed downed for generations and are in excellent condition, but to give us a vast array of clothing I use eBay.  

Right now I’m looking for sleepers and onesies since I hear that they sleep more than anything else as newborns so don’t spend too much on newborn items other than diapers. 


I began bidding on eBay a few years back for myself and then I thought why not try baby clothes.  My boyfriend loves when if I can find more bang for the buck.  When I show him the amounts I’ve bought compared to the prices I get the thumbs up….this way I can spend more or add a little in for us too.  So the trick to getting the best deals is to bid on items at the lowest cost possible but highest bid to win.  So I decided to share a few tips that have helped me win auctions.  You’ll thank me later!  

1. Hold up….Wait a minute!

I’m sure you’ll find something on your first excursion and you’ll want to put in a bid right away but Woe Kimosabi……. if you bid now you’ll increase your chances of losing the bid completely.  The best time I find to bid is when the clock is ticking down to 10 seconds.  This will require a little patience.  If you bid to early others will see your bid and have a chance to bid higher.  Waiting ten seconds or less will give you the higher bid and DECREASE the chances of someone outbidding you but, I know there’s always a but…. it only works if you know your highest bid. I know, I know just keep reading! 

2. How much dough do you want to spend?

If you absolutely know that you want this item you need to figure out what’s the most you’re willing to pay for your item(s) including the shipping fees as well.  If you know your maximum amount of money that you want to send is say $20.oo then you need to make your final bid $20.57 cents or some other random amount.  Most people stick to even amounts I would think, but you’d be surprised at how many auctions I’ve won with this strategy.  You can win just by adding a few cents more to your maximum bid.  If you think the auction will go for less then great more than likely you’ll win that auction but if it happens to go higher then you’ll have to spend your maximum bid of $20.57 to win that auction. 

3. Use two browser windows.

Open up one browser window and adjust the size to make it half of your screen then open up the same auction in another browser window.   Use one window to go ahead and put in that MAXIMUM amount that you have decided on plus a few cents, and go ahead and push “Place Bid”. On the “CONFIRM BID” screen, STOP! Use the first browser window to monitor the auction status. So you just continue to hit the “refresh” button in the browser until you get to last 10 seconds then CONFIRM!! If you’re really feeling yourself, you can even wait up to the last three seconds but just be careful sometimes it could take two or three seconds for the bid to confirm and you could lose the bid. 

So combine all these tips and Voilà you have just won yourself a bid.  Another tip is when find your items read, read, read the reviews.  When I first started I was so caught up in the excitement I got GOT a time or two but I learned quickly.  When you receive your items and if they are to your liking: clean and neatly packaged, keep purchasing from them.  There are thousands of sellers on eBay and everyone is not as truthful about their items so you definitely don’t want to get taken. 

Happy bidding!! 

**** The opinions expressed on the BBNH blog are exactly that, MY two cents!!****

I’d love to know some of your tips you’ve used to win bids on eBay and see some of the items you purchased.  Leave me a comment below or contact me @brbabiesnheels or Facebook! 


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