Peace Be Still 

LAWD help me!! My son and I are entering into a new phase of noobieism…if it’s a word. He’s 7 weeks and very, VERY alert! He is staying up longer through the day, although WE still have not quite gotten day from night differentiated! 

Moments like THIS!

He seems to think he’ll be missing out on the clock moving minute by minute, that lady in picture on the wall….will she actually blow smoke from the cigarette, oh and the ceiling–it won’t be the limit anymore. It’s interesting what mesmerizes him in the still of the room. It makes me think that if something so minute, uninvolved and effortless can be captivating maybe I should take note and join in, granted he’s an infant that is still developing his brain and cognitive skills. 

I am definitely mandated to relax and be patient because nothing about a newborn is quick, other than his naps. I have used the idle down time not to sleep, another item that no one completely explains before becoming a momma, as I should,but to meditate and just think about NOTHING at all. I mean how often do you actually get to think about nothing.  

Don’t get me wrong, bills are still coming, still trying to figure out how I can contribute more financially and be a stay at home mom too. But those moments where that quiet instant meets serenity is magical! I take it all in because just like that it can be gone with a single cry. Peace be still is what I am experiencing and repeating to myself in those bits. 

Take the time to inhale the peace, listen to your surroundings. When it’s extremely quiet and the only noise I hear is my son suckling from me are the most precious! There’s no other place I’d rather be! 
What time do you use to relax being a mom of a newborn? Please comment here, Facebook or Twitter!

****the opinions expressed on BBNH are just that, MY two cents!****

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