Family Night

Tonight we were anticipating the debut of the The Wiz Live on television.  I truly enjoyed this musical.  It was pure joy.  Oh how I wish they would take this show on the road with this cast! I mean the Queen as Oz, and Ne-Yo’s singing…awesome!! 


This movie is a staple in black homes growing up….pure classic like the original Wizard of Oz. 


I adore both movies but the Wiz was incomparable with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.  


Tonight Kelvin, Sage and I watched this as a family.  Sage was completely mesmerized by the colors and costumes at just 7 weeks.  At times it seems as if he didn’t blink.  I know I wasn’t the only one in the house that was super stoked about it.  The choreography had elements for every generation from “Vogueing” to “Hittin the Quan” and “Dabbing”. 


Family night will be one of the traditions that I would like to start to create traditions and memories for our family, especially for our son to remember.  I think The Wiz was a wonderful way to culminate our first family night.  

At times it can be like pulling teeth for Kelvin to partake in certain ideas of beginning new rituals like holiday cards with themes….corny right but I’ve always wanted to dress each family member in coordinated colors for various holidays.  He gives in but I’m sure he can do without the themes, lol.  

So off we went to see Oz!! Did you join in the fun too?!  What was your favorite part? How do you spend family night? Leave a comment here, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! 

**** The opinions expressed on BBNH are just that, MY two cents!****

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