Why I’m Bringing 2015 Baggage With Me


Happy New Year!! #ATownDown
I am celebrating an end to a trying year…. 2015. I learned so much about how far I can push myself and just how much strength I can muster.  I stepped out on faith and quit my job of 14 years on a whim and was not prepared to do so.  I was not happy with it AT ALL and it made me bitter! I lost my apartment and for a minute some self-esteem, then found out I was pregnant with my son and pretty much broke! BUT I made it through, WE made it through with an abundance of faith, hope and blessings into a wonderful year. 

Everything isn’t completely perfect but I’m joyful. #EverybodySayJoy ….JOY!!! I know wholeheartedly that GOD works when you work and take action. 


So, with the new year upon us I can only be excited and with a bit of trepidation honestly as to what it will bring.  I can’t go back to unhappy, pitiful and worrisome because I know too much of what and how I need to be happy, especially when I have MY faith!! 

With that being said I say to 2015, THANK YOU!!  Thank you for every tear I cried (ugly cries too let my boyfriend tell it), every late payment, every loss, every disappointment, every argument with my love and every ounce of joy I felt!!  You see you can’t appreciate the good without the bad because you won’t know just how good GOOD can be!! 


Still a work in progress and I love that because I’m growing!!! 

Y’all be abundantly blessed and BE a blessing to someone and watch how your life will completely change!! Can’t wait to see ya 2016!!! #GodDontMakeNoMistakes #HappyNewYear2016 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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****the opinions expressed on LCC are exactly that, MY two cents!!****


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