Eyecandy Project 52: Week 1

So begins the photography challenge with Everyday Eyecandy’s Project 52 to fine tune my new found photography hobby.  The theme for week 1 is WHO ARE YOU? Visit her website to check out the details.

I posted this pic yesterday on the blog to introduce the photography challenge for the week.  I decided to use it because it celebrates and captures who I am in the moment. It’s an ever changing growth process.


“I am a mommy who revels in loving this little guy who turns three months old today! Happy birthday baby! 🎉🎊 I am a girl who enjoys the simple things in life like love, big laughs, funky socks and digging into a big ‘ol bowl of cereal at night while twiddling my toes.”

The themes for this challenge are pretty interesting and will be challenging for me but I will tap into my gift of creativity and click what I see! Won’t you join in?!?!


Everyday Eyecandy weekly themes.

Will you try this challenge? I’d love to see your pics!  Leave a comment here, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

****the opinions expressed on LCC are exactly that, MY two cents!!****

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