My 21 Day Sugar Detox Meals 

As you know from reading my blog I began a 21 Day Sugar Detox.  So far I’m enjoying eating mostly raw foods.  I’ve had my sugar cravings but I drink plenty of water and the cravings subside for a few hours or so lol. 

I will blog most of the meals I’ve been eating on my detox.  Most of these meals were prepared by my Aunt, Chef Umi we like to call her!  Some pics will have recipes others are so simple it’s basically just putting the ingredients together on a plate! 

We continued with the Avocado Red Quinoa Bowl for breakfast or a light snack in smaller portions.  We added some vegetable soup and seaweed nacho boats for lunch and dinner. 

First up Seaweed Nacho Boats





Begin with Romaine lettuce hearts, spread your favorite hummus on the lettuce, add sliced avocados, tomatoes, fresh garlic, Spike (natural seasoning alternative to salt) salt/pepper and top with Seaweed.  


Veggie Soup 

The vegetable soup has lima beans, corn, okra, carrots, tomatoes and my absolute favorite 1/3 cup of butternut squash.  It has less than 1g of sugar in this portion size.  I can’t wait to purée the squash for the baby! All cooked in vegetable stock.  Add fresh garlic, onions, freshly ground pepper and Spike.  I think this would be great with chunks of red/black grouper filet cooked in fish stock instead if vegetable stock.  I smell another meal coming up! 


Send me some recipes if you have any, I’d love to try them, on Facebook, Twitter or IG! Leave a comment here too! 

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!****

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