A Pic A Day 1-15

I  blog in the wee hours, mostly because it’s when my Apple is asleep and I can complete a task. 

I piggybacked my Project 52 off of the initial Project 365+1 where you take a photo a day. Pretty intimidating but I told myself I’m gonna do it. 

Most of my pics are loosely based off of my son. Okay, they are all about my son Sage. He’s three months old, my first and time is flying by soooo most of my pics will be of him, so bear with ya girl…Ok! I’ll get to snapping pics of chairs and crushed cans soon…

New Year’s Eve party! Found my sequined shirt thrifting! Awesome!!
The after party at home New Year’s Day…Apple hung out for awhile…

A quick selfie in my Spring lippie..

Rub a dub dub, Apples in the tub! Really mommy, no pics! 
I want heat too….

Meh kinda day for him but I feel great, lol! 

Those moments… 

He’ll be driving soon….:(

For real though! 
They talked each other to sleep.


Story time + chil….

When she’s around, he’s around!!



Leave a comment so we can chat about photography tips!    

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