How To Use Coconut Oil To Treat Cradle Cap

The opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!!  A few weeks ago I noticed patches of dry skin on my son’s head.  As a new mom this was a terrible feeling.

I found out that it’s called cradle cap. Sebaceous glands in the scalp make sebum, which oils the skin. Babies have high levels of maternal hormones in their bodies for several weeks or months following birth and these hormones enlarge the glands, making more sebum causing inflammation and scaly patches.  My son’s began right around 11 weeks or so.  I did some research and found that once again, coconut oil to the rescue.  


  • Lightly massage the oil on the scalp and allowed it to sit for 20 minutes or more before bath time.  
  • Repeat this process every day.  This treatment took a week or so to heal and the cap was completely gone. 

    One thing you guys will find out about me through my posts is I am all about finding natural remedies for treatments first!! 

    Coconut oil wins again! 
    What baby uses do you use cocunut oil for?  Leave a comment! 


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