Project 52 || Week 4 

Hobby?!?!  No such thing to me but for lack of a better term… any hobby to me is your passion and purpose.  Something you do well that you can’t go a day without thinking about or doing.

It’s Week 4 in my Everyday Eyecandy Project 52 challenge and this week’s theme is Hobby.

I believe you can have several hobbies at a time. So, I’m sharing my favorite hobbies.  Currently!


It’s more than my hobby.  I knew it was my passion at an early age.  I turned it into a business for about 5 years then life happened!! I’ll be back though because I can’t stay away…


This is a new one for me or maybe not.  I’ve loved taking pictures ever since I was a little girl.  My Mom says I am the queen of selfies because I took so many as a child with the disposable cameras or the old school Kodak with the attachable flash.  Remember those?!?! When pics were developed they were all my face….smiling!

So I’ve polished my pics somewhat watching YouTube videos and some just looking at the world through my lens!

Downtown Atlanta…

I’ll share this recipe soon!!

So these hobbies allow me to exhale and center and USE the gifts I was given.

I will not lose them!!

What hobbies have you taken to or have done for a long time?

Leave a comment below?

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