Feature || Choosing The Best Baby Food 

It’s been a fun and adventurous four months with baby boy and I am settled into a routine with him.  It’s becoming slightly easier each week.  Talk to me a month or so ago and I was nutso.  

Still sleep deprived. 

Still adjusting to my new role as a stay at home mom.  

I’ve been waiting to see when I can feed my son solid foods because he just wasn’t getting full.  I know most pediatricians suggest waiting  until babies are six months according to the World Health Organization.  But my pediatrician likes to work off his weight, age and various feeding cues such as excessive drooling, which I thought were signs of teething, chewing on hands and grabbing for foods.  Sage has done them all. 

So chipmunk has permission from our Doctor to start on solids, purées that is.  Yay!! This kiddo is HONGRY. All the time.  


I have been waiting for the chance to break bread with kiddo.  

Because the struggle is real!  


Although I’m excited to get the opportunity to feed my little one, I am a bit hesitant about what types of commercial baby food I’ll use.  Of course I will purée the majority of his fruits and veggies but a couple of future long hour road trips coming up has me pondering if indulging in this would be more convenient for us.  



First off, I’m a first time new mother and I would avoid the baby aisle at all costs before having my son because it made me sweat and my ovaries quiver at the same time, YIKES!!  The aisle is intimidating to say the least.  I felt the sweating coming on again.  There were so many brands to choose from.  I wanted to make sure I was buying the best quality food and not just for cost.  

I began my journey at our local grocer.   My pediatrician explained that Sage cannot consume more than 28-30 oz of formula in one day.  And he was well on his way at 18lbs at 18 weeks.  I was unable to breastfeed no longer than three months due to low lactation.  BUMMER!  So I supplemented with formula.  His doctor advised me to introduce him to new fruits and veggies each week from Stage 1 foods for babies until he’s six months old.  Then we begin another stage. 

Oh the joy! 

So I love to try all natural products.  I began with Beechnut, Gerber and Earth’s Best. 

Beechnut Cereals/Purées



So first off, I was excited about the packaging, glass jars.  I liked that these were ALL natural, low in sodium but we all need salt even babies but no more than .04g a day.  I  also liked that the jars were big enough for a days worth of food instead of using multiple smaller jars.  


Although the jars were glass, there was still plastic under the lids that were not BPA free.  




GERBER has been around since my parents birthed me.  I don’t always agree that older is better but I do like that GERBER has pouches that are BPA free.  The size is perfect for multiple feedings and so cute!  The tubs were about the same with multiple feedings.  They also had a wider variety of food choices.  Prices were comparable to Beechnut.


No BPA free tiny tubs!! 

Earth’s Best 


Earth’s Best is well known for their organic purées and at first this was my first choice.  But….


Organically grown foods used in the purées.  


No BPA free lids either!! Aaaaargh!!  Jars were one small 2.5 oz feeding size and they were a bit more pricier than the others.  


So which for now??????

If Beechnut had BPA free glass jar lids…….hands DOWN they would be the winner.  So we’ll have to stick with the pouches for now.  I will say that my OCD kicks in and I cut the pouches from the bottom to check for any mold or mildew in the bag before I directly feed him.  I do like Earth’s Best Whole Grain rice cereal instead which I do purchase regularly.  

I’m still not completely sold, I just may change my mind and decide to purée his food for the trip even though it’s a 12 hour ride.  I see lots of styrofoam coolers and ice packs in my future. 

What baby foods did you use? Or did you purée only? Let’s chat! 

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!****

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