Beauty on A Budget

Beauty is skin deep and deep in the pockets lately! I’ve been extremely busy balancing this life of motherhood.  Exhausted is not even descriptive enough to show how I feel.  

Do I look like I feel, sometimes YES! 



My first throw up moment….

It’s been five months and I’m noticing that I haven’t paid as much attention to the details into going into me because of all the time that goes into Sage.  I don’t recognize this person at all.  I definitely still make an effort to match, be clean and neat but I don’t think I’ve ever had routine wardrobes.  A lot of leggings, sneakers and big shirts are defining my style….BLAH! I mean I was far from high maintenance or a pre Madonna but I enjoyed being a girl to put in simpler terms. 

So now I need a reboot back to me.  The first place I started was a fresh new look with my hair.  I’ve been natural for about 10 years now and it’s been almost three since I’ve pressed my hair out.  I definitely can’t afford the $70 do I was used to.  Or maybe I just don’t want to spend that much money on me with him in the spotlight. 

Those cheeks tho…..

So I’ve compromised on my prices but not beauty.  My cousin and I decided to try a local beauty school for my beauty needs to start the weekend.  I tried this experience years ago and I was satisfied but I never went back.  No reason why.

Beauty schools offer the same services as hair salons and spas at a significantly lower price.  The catch is that students are providing their services for a grade.  I chose Empire Beauty School in Dunwoody, Ga.  

My stylist was Tieraney aka BOOGIE!!! She said no pics today….. Really sweet and wants to do makeup and hair for the deceased in funeral homes.  You Go Girl!!! *in my Martin voice

So begins the journey…. 



My hair is extremely curly and has so much shrinkage.  I wear a TWA sometimes when I haven’t twisted it up but when it’s pressed—-> OH WOW!! 



I was shampooed, then she applied a leave in conditioner.  Unfortunately, I wrote down the services that I wanted but somehow it wasn’t input on my ticket so I ended up with the basic shampoo and style.  I was given a discount card to return for free services on my next visit for the mishap!  Hey, problem solved!!!
Boogie then pressed me out.  I was set on cutting it but when I saw how much length I retained through my pregnancy and post partum I quickly changed my mind. 

I even opted to keep the grey hair.  It’s growing on me but I will switch it up and dye it. Quick!  

So my one gripe about the whole process is the time it takes…..3 hours for a press out.  I’ve been spoiled with my one hour in and out runs. But for $12 ya can’t beat that with some Beats by Dre! Haaaa I made a funny. 


And the results were FAB. U. LOUS. 


Sage just stares and smiles at Mommy, babe is on the fence about it, he likes my natural look.  I love naturals because I have options to switch it up whenever I feels. Yes, feels!

So needless to say this will be a weekly trip if time permits.  I would love to try their facials and nail services!  I’ll keep you guys posted on my next visit.  

So for these prices I can still be me on a budget.  Everyone wins because when Mama’s happy, everything is copacetic.  

Not to say I’ve completely kicked my beautician to the curb, I love to revisit for those special occasions and delights of just being a girl and major cuts.  A little nervous with a student and fancy cuts.  I’ll let ’em hook a bob up for me. 

Google your local beauty schools and try for yourself.  Would you try a beauty school do at a discounted rate? 

Let’s chat! 


***the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!**** 


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