DIY Organic Baby Food 

I’ve been contemplating when and how I would start to prepare Sage’s food for him.  I realized it was time when he snatched my plate out of my hand one day. Kid’s pretty strong.  

I’ve done a post on store bought foods because I was traveling a lot for a month or so and it was just more convenient than having to pack and carry blenders and steamers to prepare his food. 

I could not wait to settle down and purée veggies and fruits for him. 

I started with basic vegetables like butternut squash, red apples, bananas, kiwi and kale.  I was amazed at how smooth and creamy they came out.  A completely and better texture than the jarred versions and a bit thicker than the pouches.  

It was completely easy and took less than an hour or to make a weeks worth of food.  Did I mention I spent $3.83 for organic veggies and fruits at that. Organic!!!!!


The butternut squash was the easiest.  I peeled them first.  I didn’t think purchasing a steamer was necessary so I used a pot of boiling water and a colander inside with the pot lid on top to steam them.  Once they were soft I simply puréed and added them in my Baby Brezza which I love.  The size is perfect for just the right amount of foods for the week.  

Always steam or boil your vegetables.  Blending raw food isn’t healthy for your baby and will give them the runs.  


Yummy right?! The texture was so smooth and creamy I made some for myself to eat! 

I also made Kale and Apple purée as well.  I sautéed the Kale in a little water until they became wilted and steamed the apples as well. I basically did the same process and puréed them together! 


I had dinner cooking on the stove so I had to pull out the hot plate and knock all this cooking out! 


To make it creamier I simply added more distilled water. 

Next time I’ll get a manicure before blogging with these sad hands lol! 


See! Really simple, easy, cheaper and much more healthier for the little one.  

Apple sucking on a pineapple for his treat instead of juice! 

I’m enjoying trying combinations.  Today was kiwi and bananas.  Tart but sweet, he LOVED it.  Make sure your baby eats the same food for three days to watch for any allergic reactions before trying new foods.  

What food combinations have you made for your baby? Do you find cooking for them easier? 

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents****

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