DIY Vlog on Skin Toner 

People!!  I am still living in this unspoken paradigm of motherhood and LIFE!  Time management is my daily goal and squeezing posts in when I can, or cannot for that matter, when I should.   One thing I do try to keep up with is my skin care.

I’m exhausted and the last thing I am thinking of is a beat face honey, sometimes!  Most days a lightly colored lipgloss will do.  But I do try to maintain my skin complexion and tone by exfoliating, skin brushing and skin toners.

My skin tends to get super oily in the summer and moisturizers can be heavy and greasy too. So to make it easy I cleanse my face at night and in the mornings a splash of water and toner and I’m good.  Oh and lipgloss!

I decided to make rose petal, lemongrass and mint toner water.  The benefits of these leaves basically is amazing: 

Rose Petals – Excellent antibacterial properties that are effective in fighting acne and breakouts 

Lemongrass- Has the same antibacterial properties but is also a natural astringent. 

Mint- Fresh aroma and also strengthens skin tissue and reduces oily skin. 

I made my first DIY video playing around with a few apps so excuse the background noises but I like it it’s kind of raw.

The instructions are pretty simple if you need to see them written down like me sometimes.


Rose Petals


Mint leaves

Purified Drinking water

Witch Hazel

Kitchen Utensils

Small strainer


Spray bottle or jar to keep water in

  1. Boil water for five minutes first.
  2. Add rose petals, lemongrass and mint leaves and boil for 5/10 minutes.
  3. Remove ingredients from water and strain into a bowl several times before placing in your spray bottle or container.
  4. Add three parts toner water to one part witch hazel.
  5. Refrigerate for up to 4 days.
  6. Spray on after cleaning and moisturizing your face or just for a quick refresher throughout the day.



Do you make your own skin toner?  What ingredients do you use? Leave a comment here or on FB or IG

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!!****


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