why we didn’t throw a big 1st birthday party 

So I’m a blogger with writer’s block but I’m back and with more littles to tag along!  

A huge fear happened…planning a party! 

I really struggled with throwing a huge party for Sage’s first birthday.  I’d been to a couple of one year old parties and honestly most were over the top for such a small people.  

Alcohol was needed afterwards.  

To the park before the shenanigans begins!! 

Gimme a kiss boy!

I knew I didn’t want to go overboard, I just wanted our kid to have as much fun as his little ticker could take.  BUT, his birthday and my due date were a week apart and it did not settle me any.  Plus, the non-refundable deposit at the party event in case I did deliver made it even easier to decide.  It just made me more anxious and craving wine.  

The decorations, venue, food for kids and parents ( I thought the parents could eat PB&J’s too) and lastly the cleanup….hell no! Not at 10 months pregnant. 

At home it was.

We ultimately decided on something very small for him. I invited a friend and her son, Sage’s favorite little cousin Sweet Pea and a couple of other adults, an eight person shin dig!

I decorated with balloons on the floor, streamers, banners for outside.  My camera died on me so I wasn’t able to get those pics.  

See, it was starting off the wrong way already… 

Sweet Pea & Apple

I felt pain on Sage’s birthday all day.  All I could pray was “NOT today Lord, not today.” 

It worked.  

Four days later, Justus was here. 

Baby Justus


It was a bust!  

Sage was overwhelmed with the singing and noise.  The cake was wrong with all the wrong flavors.  Money refunded, winning!! 

And the cake smash…….we’ll it didn’t go so well either.  Someone smashed him with the cake…smh! He clung to me the entire two hours.  Side note:  keep it simple and sweet no more than an hour! 

He cried for most of it because I timed the party wrong.  Another side note: don’t have your party around his/her nap time.  So needless to say money still in the bank on this one!  I’m such a new mommy at this.  

All cleaned up!

Although it might not have been the most fun for Sage, it was memory filled to say the least and a learning lesson.  I’m glad I experienced this at home so next year damage control will be in full effect.

We achieved what we wanted to see, our baby boy turn one and eat some cake.  

Now this may not be for you! Splurge if you can and want to but honestly you might enjoy just close friends to celebrate your baby’s day!  

Bigger parties the older he gets.  

Now the anxiety of planning two birthday parties in one week for both of the boys.  I see lots of double birthdays ahead, as many we can get away with!! 

Happy Birthday Sage!

What birthday fun did you have for your one year old? I’d love to hear about it!! 

****the opinions expressed on LCC are exactly that, MY two cents!****

2 Replies to “why we didn’t throw a big 1st birthday party ”

  1. I don’t believe in throwing big one year parties. It’s hard for me to put forth so much time and effort into something that he won’t remember. Like you, we do something small and intimate. It’s usually right after dinner so that I can kick people out when it’s time for his bath and bed lol!!

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