bring it 2017

Happy New Year! New beginnings are upon us.  Unfortunately, the rhetoric about 2016 proved to be true, it wasn’t the nicest to me.  I lost my sister, grandfather and an aunt all within the same month.  

Fuck! That’s all I can say. 

Fast forward several months and the birth of my son soothes me from grief, or at least it distracts me from feeling anything but a new type of love for the second baby. 


I wasn’t able to grasp or completely put to paper what my goals would be in 2016 because I was still learning and raising my first and grasping this paradigm called motherhood of multiples.  I just hoped that we would all live to tell about it!  

Chaos, love, stress, fun, wonderment, disappointment, forgetfulness all encompassed the first year.  

Now this year, this year I hope, pray, wish, beg to be different. I am open to learning more about me through these little one’s eyes.  I strive to be more present and better than me last year.  

I aim to grow my blog presence, posting more, take on some household projects, lose some of this baby weight and definitely get back into fashion cause these Chucks and leggings ain’t the biz anymore.   Follow my journey y’all, I need the encouragement! 

I also want to make new connections, new friends, real and virtual! 

Get out more and actually be…! 

What 2016 taught me is that nathan is forever and life is too short not to enjoy it.  Sounds simple hunh, but relaxing and just living life can be the most difficult aspect of life to do with so much to do.

I vow to take as many pictures of my kids that I can so that when my time on Earth expires, there will be tangible items left to show the love I feel for my babies.  Pictures can say so much more that could ever be put into words.  

Hell or Jail about my babies… I think those words suffice! Anything, ANYTHANG!! 

It’s an ongoing process, evolving.  It can be scary!  It IS scary!! 

Change is scary but it’s damn good too.

So 2016 was all about my babies. God don’t make no mistakes! I have these two in my life and at that point in my life it was a blessing and exactly what I needed.  

That year has shown me that I CAN and WILL make it through.  

Seeds in my teeth but it’s a great day!

One day at a time.  

And one big chop at a time too. 

I’m known to cut my hair.  A release of old energy and an abundance of new! 

Good things are to come for us this year like our wedding, vacations, family trips, birthdays and endless possibilities for making more memories.  

Like last year, I will bring 2016 with me because it’s all a learning lesson! 

Good bye 2016……..

Bring it 2017!! 

Are you ready for 2017? What are your resolutions?! Tell me about it! 

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!****

2 Replies to “bring it 2017”

  1. I would say you did a wonderful job as a mother in 2016. You handled your business with warmth and patience. You were comforting to me when you could and present spiritually when I needed it. I know 2017 will teach us how to grow and recover and that will be rewarding in itself. Hello 2017 what took you sooooooooo long 😂?

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