diy: pool noodle horses 

Being a stay at home mom, I am always looking for activities to keep the kids busy.  I live on and for Pinterest for CHEAP and easy projects. I am a creative and that’s what I do best…..create.  I’m going to enjoy making arts and crafts more than them.  Off to Michaels we go.  

I know I specifically said don’t ask me for SHAT, but $50 bucks later.  

This project was right under five bucks.  But of course, there is always something that you think you need or a sale price you just can’t beat. 

Like frames 40% off…

I LOST my mind! 

We used our own pool noodles for the horses.  Being that they are only $1 we can buy plenty more for next summer. 

But of course they had to wrestle and swat at each other with them first….

I’m starting to think this was more fun! 

This is basically what we’ll end up with…

Really simple to make too…

All you will need are 

  • Pool noodles
  • Scissors
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Hot glue and gun
  • String or twine
  • (2) Felt squares 12 x 12 per noodle 

First, bend the tip of the noodle down towards the opposite end about halfway down.  You can make it shorter or longer to the size you would like and tie a string around it.

I know, manicure time!

This hook will be the horse’s nose so tie the string pretty tight to hold the nose in place.  

Next, cut your felt squares like so.  There are other options such as cutting fringes along the edge as well for a front horse mane.

Now, glue the eyes on.  Be sure to use a low temperature hot glue gun because foam and hot glue won’t work.  

Now you’ll glue the felt pieces on the in between and on the back of the hook you made earlier.  For the ears, place the long strip between the hook and glue on each side for the ears. 

Then glue each side to the noodle.

You’re almost there! Do the same for the mane.  Fold the bigger cut out in half.  Place glue down the middle first and attach to the noodle.  Then add glue along the edges of the noodle and glue the felt to the horse accordingly.  We used a fringed mane and added it to the front. 

BAM!! All done and a fun activity for the kids.  

Sage wasn’t feeling it at first he just wanted to play with the scraps! 

Oh well, I tried and he’ll have it when he’s ready!! 

Really simple see!! 

Try it, post it and tag me @lovecottonandcurls or hashtag it #lovecottonandcurls!!

I love making crafts with my kids.  All in all it was a fun day with this coconut.  Seeds in my teeth too from eating of course. It a great pic tho! 

What are some crafts that you come up with to occupy your little ones?

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents****


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