what’s cookin? …cauliflower rice

Dinner is becoming very cumbersome trying to find new recipes to cook for my family.  I could ask my fiancée a million times what does he have a taste for and it always ends with, “whatever you cook?”  I mean seriously, I need suggestions! 

Having a baby was THE best thing that happened food wise for us, well me, my fiancé could eat fried chicken everyday, if I let him.  I make better choices because I want the kids to eat as healthy as possible and make good choices with their diet.  80/20 is my rule, eighty percent healthy, twenty percent pleasures.  You see…. we slip up and do take out every now and then, I truly take pleaseure in cooking for my men! 

Tonight, I cooked oven fried chicken, broccoli and carrots and curried cauliflower rice instead of regular rice and it came out deliciously terrific.  I oversteamed my broccoli a little bit but it was still tasty.  

It’s super easy to make too! 

First, wash and pat dry your cauliflower.  Once dry, grate or blend in a food processor fine.  

Heat EVOO and butter, we used GHEE grass-fed butter, in a pan and sauté garlic and onions soft.  I used three cloves of garlic and one half of a small white onion.

Once you smell the garlic and onions mixture, add the cauliflower, one TBSP of mild curry seasoning and add salt/pepper to taste.  

Cover and let the cauliflower cook until its soft.  



Super easy, super healthy and super tasty! 

My goal is to post meals frequently to share that are quick and healthy for you and something the kiddos will enjoy as well.  

I’m cooking cauliflower grilled cheese next time and I can’t wait to try it. Sounds yummy right?! 

What are your go to meals and how do you mix it up? 

*****opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents*****


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