surviving my toddler 

Meet Sage.  My first born son of 18 months.  

Adorable smile right?! 

He. Is. A. Toddler.  Every morning is a different paradigm from the previous but with the same outcome.







Lots of floor pinwheels. 

Should I continue, no because if you’ve clicked on this post then you know and you are looking for some form of relief or comfort that you aren’t the only one. 

I’m not sure but this might be the hardest years.  Not to mention I have another son that is 6 months old, so basically double the trouble soon.  

I’ve compiled a list of ten things that help me get through my days of tantrums and the rest of their toddler years.  

1.  Take your time.  

Don’t rush for anything because no matter how fast you go they seem to go much slower.  I had to learn this quite early with Sage.  I was still in that get everything done right now mode. You know, like that one trip with groceries in the house, when clearly three is needed.   

2.  Get used to the drama king/queen phase.

I thought teenagers were probably the worst in this phase.  Everything, I mean everything is an Oscar worthy performance from dropping something, to not enough food or just plain sleepy.   So get ready and used to it because I’m thinking it’s not going away too soon.  I’ve. Even told not to patronize these outbursts and carry on with your routine.  They’ll get it together, quick. 

3.  Just embrace it.  

My fiancée told me when we first got pregnant that a close friend gave him the advice of “either you embrace it all or not at all, you can’t be a parent halfway, at all.  So you have to take the good with the bad.  So for every pinwheel induced tantrum there are tons of smiles, giggles and hugs. 

4.  Don’t freak out over everything. 

Choose those battles wisely.  They get into every and anything.  They are all over the place and it is mentally exhausting.  It can become stressful to correct every single misguided sporadic adventure they take.  If I need an hour to catch up on chores or to post, then letting him pull all the folded clothes out of the hamper and onto the floor isn’t so bad.  Go ahead and put on every pair of shoes owned in the house on and show mommy.  

5.  Accept the mess.  

I like for Sage to see and experience new things and I don’t want to stifle him or break his spirit.  So, if it takes an hour of cleaning up after bedtime each and every night to keep him calm and engaged, shiiiiiiiiiiddddddd!  Toddlers just create mess and that’s just it.  It’s impossible to clean behind them every waking moment.  Besides, I understand now how fast they grow and I think I can pass on cleaning for awhile to spend more time with them.  Insane right?  Sorry Dad!! 

5.  Take time out for yourself.  

This should be number one.  How can you give your best you if you don’t feel your best.  You just have to do it.  I believe that same type of love and care for your babies should be put into the love of you.  God forbid if Mama needs a moment or two.  I’m still working on this one.  Mostly feelings of guilt for daring to leave them and enjoy myself.   

6.  Don’t buy any expensive items any time soon.  

Sage hasn’t broken anything but he has written on a few.  We have to keep a careful eye on him.   We recently moved and decided to buy “new” furniture.  We were all excited and picked out a few pieces that were nicely priced.  Then my father suggested we do not spend too much on a sofa because guaranteed, the kids would mess it up—-for the next 3-4 years lol.  Made sense to me, so we decided to keep a sofa that was in storage with my mom.  Big Red it is!  One less thing to worry about.  

7.  Don’t take it personal.  

Toddlers don’t mean to be well toddlers.  There is clearly no malice or vindictiveness with their actions, they just can’t help it.  I’m realizing he’s not trying to be disobedient, at least not fully that is.  Toddlers are just curious little people and it just a stage.  So do not get too offended or you’ll be offended All The time.  

8. Look at the world through their eyes. 

Imagine what the world must feel and look like to your toddler.  The amazing sounds of planes, trains and cars.  Soft touches of animals.  Running through the grass barefoot.  Even playing with his own food.  He’s taking it all in.  And with all this exploration begins his imagination.  A child with an imagination is never bored.  

9.  Except that you are that Mom.

Before kids, I admit I was one to parent shame when kids, especially toddlers were unruly in public places.  I had no idea, I completely get it now.  You’ll just have to deal with the stares and the looks of pity from strangers or even the help from an occasional unfamiliar seasoned mother that understands what you are going through.  So breathe….breathe deep! 

10.  Don’t take your parenting too seriously! 

There is no perfect way to parent but a million ways to do it! 

Hope that helps!! 

Everyday will not be a glorious well behaved day.  Just remember to take the time to try and enjoy these years as they quickly roll by.  

How did you make it through the toddler years, I would LOVE to hear it!!

*****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents*****


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