barefoot confessions || abundance 

It’s 4:20 and I am wide awake.  I’m up at this time normally with the baby, but it was slightly different this morning. 

Each day that I am able to place my feet on the ground is a blessing and relief. 

I’m not done yet!

To see new life, third and fourth chances at new beginnings is humbling.  

Abundance.  This is what I crave.

I am not a religiously devout worshipper, but I do know that there is a higher power guiding me through life.  

I church. I tithe. I pray.  I act.

I started this series to remind myself of what I am grateful for EVERY single day.  I have done this for the last few months and it’s an eye opener.  Complaining and disgruntledness is paralyzing.  I’ve learned that even the bad is good.  

My mission is abundance.

Not necessarily monetary, but joys, friendships, family, faith and love! I am thankful and filled with child-like faith, I believe in anything!  I believe wholeheartedly that gratitude is what allows abundance into my life.  So whatever I have or don’t, for that matter, I am GRATEFUL.

My life isn’t perfect but it sure isn’t what it used to be, hopeless! Life is intimate and delicate and should be treated as such.  


So Lighten up and Great Morning!!

“Gratitude is the path to abundance” 

Love, Cotton & Curls


2 Replies to “barefoot confessions || abundance ”

  1. and…..good morning to you too. It is a blessing to see how far you’ve come and matured. Keep your faith and your blessings will continue to come. 💜💜

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