30 days of happy 

Happy May! 

“I embrace success. The words “I Can’t” are not in my vocabulary. I refuse to believe my own excuses! I am unstoppable!!” 


May is Mental Health Awareness month.  Time to get your mind right and in tune with the body and spirit.  Normally, this month brings awareness to mental illnesses but I believe creating a space to protect your inner peace allows you to be at your best mentally.  I know for me it seems like bordeline chaos with two kids under two and I am tested daily.   The daily routine of diapers, naps and feedings can become mundane.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my babies and quite frankly wouldn’t have it any other way but it can be mentally exhausting at times.   Rest works best here but when those tantrum filled pinwheels hit, those quiet whispers “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this” helps to reaffirm that I can do this.  

Life can cloud and distract you mentally from achieving, conquering goals by day to day living. 

I am beginning to use daily affirmations that will encourage confidence and keep me mentally aware of the present.  I will incorporate finding something to be happy about each day.  I encourage you too.  

I subscribe to affirmations from Happy Black Woman to reaffirm what we already should know but we all need motivation and a self esteem boost occasionally.  

Let’s change the narrative! 

Day 1 of Happy 

My TWA has grown out and it’s raining here in Atlanta so I get to wear a beautiful headwrap.  

Repetition creates habits.  Only a 30 days left to create this habit and lifetime of enjoying your happy! 


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