diy toddler craft || water painting 

If it’s rainy there like it is here this craft is perfect for indoors.  Pretty self explanatory,

  • Water. 
  • Paint brushes. 
  • Construction paper.  

This activity works better with smaller toddlers 18+ months or so.  This is my go to activity when it’s raining, if I need a few minutes to call people, tidy up a bit or catch a new episode of This Is Us.  I know, super late. 

This is a simple DIY activity that helps with coordination and an easy way to begin learning alphabets, numbers or shapes.

Also, Sage is still at that stage where he has to taste everything, so this is a very safe non toxic, mess free activity. 

Simple. Easy. And inexpensive! Have fun! 

What type of activities do you do with your toddlers at home? 

*****the opinions expressed on LCC, are just that, MY two cents*****


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