the weekend 


Our weekend was pretty laid back, cool and spent at our favorite place, the park.  I took the kids to an event called Bikes and Books in the historic West End park of Atlanta at the local bike shop WeCycle Atlanta.  

This was an awesome collaboration with the creator of Black Moms Blog.   Sage loves books thankfully, but this was a great way to keep kids engaged with reading.  Although he couldn’t quite ride a bike yet, we’ll be back next month.  

I loved this because it had an interesting spin on this particular book event .  It incorporates bike knowledge with story time, a tour of the local libraries and it ended with vegan cookies and juice! 

pic courtesy of Black Moms Blog

pic from WeCycle Atlanta

We also ate some bomb vegan cookies from Two Dough Girls.  We has some great juice too but I didn’t get to take a pic.  

Make sure to visit the WeCycle Atlanta page for updates on their next event.  


Sunday was a Home Depot day with YaYa.  I bought a plant.  I know how to eat plants but keeping them alive is another thing to add to my mommy-do list.  No, for now! 

I bought this succulent beauty.  I love Jade! I’m not quite sure what that other freak of nature is but it makes my skin crawl! Yuck! 

I want to convert my tub into something a little more relaxing.  I decided to stop taking baths with the kids and go solo for some alone time.  Plus, if I keep this succulent near water maybe something will click to water it.  

Stay tuned for the simple reveal on how to spruce up bath time simply.  

That was pretty much our weekend.  We came home to dinner that Daddy cooked.  We can’t wait for the next event in June! Beat us there.  

What did you guys do this weekend? 

the weekend. 


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