throwback thursday 

Im several days late posting but no better time than the present.


We all have a past…. I started at Waffle House two days before 9/11 and left in 2015 when I found out I was pregnant. I was a salesperson and worked up and became a HR/Unit trainer along with one or two other jobs as well. 

This job taught me so much about life, how shallow, mean and wonderful people could be and how shallow and judgmental I was and how to move, move, move under pressure. Guys( aka f$&kboys 🙊 ha) wouldn’t date me after finding out where I worked and some friends, acquaintances acted as if they didn’t know me. It made me feel sad at first because I was still immature too but then I grew to learn I have the best use of discernment through my job. I began to understand I was provided a way to weed out people that didn’t belong in my wonderful temporary place in life at that time. I hadn’t planned on working here that long but, LIFE and all my choices (some good some worse) happened. 

I learned a lot here but most of all, I was making them coins baby lol, I had fun as a waitress and met some cool customers and made life long friends I still talk too!! It paid my bills, every last one of them and some other people’s too. You never know….I could’ve been your angel in disguise, friend, associate or wife, HA!! So I post this to say…… The storm doesn’t last long folks! Hold on and keep swimming.  

I wouldn’t change a thing because I wouldn’t have met him or had them.

My favorite meal was the Chicken & Eggs… what was yours?


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