my happy isn’t your happy 

In continuing with May’s 30 days of Happy I spent the day at the playground with the kids and my little cousin.  We normally spend a few days out of the week at the playground but today was a bit of a happier day.

I realized that I have genuine fun with my kids.
 I’m happy, I laugh and enjoy being with them.

My kids, especially the toddler for the moment, quick witted and hilarious with tones and inflections in his voice and incomprehensible sentences.

Of course as a mother you go through the I’ve had enough moments but the majority of my days are delightful.

I’m able to lighten up with my kids.  Be free.  Be present.

I look at them and enjoy the naïveté they have for the world around them.  They’re aim in life is looking for that next giggle in whatever theyre engaged in.  Just being happy.

Just be happy.

I aim to have child like qualities, especially child-like happiness and child-like faith…believe in anything!!


be happy.



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