childhood unplugged series

Our favorite place to go is the park.

We moved to a new city and there is a wonderful park and our little know beach in Atlanta called the Clayton County International Park 4 miles away.

I often pack a lunch and we eat in the park.  Sometimes we feed the ducks….sometimes..okay ONE time.  They are huge and fast!  I want them to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.  We really don’t use devices a lot so there are no addictions other than that cell phone but mostly because the 20 month just wants to say cheese and take pics.

I recently stumbled upon Childhood Unplugged, a group of mothers who are photographers that capture children at play.   This is my favorite type of photo capture of my kids when they are at play and at their happiest.

I had to snap pics quickly because the clouds were coming in.  

I encourage you to check them out and start capturing those moments.

be happy.

Love, Cotton & Curls


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