sunday vibes 

Honestly, I’m not a bookworm but I try to read as often as I can.   My brain must be turning to  mush because I find it hard to concentrate and sit still.  I’m so used to running behind kids.

I am challenging myself to read a book a month. Hey, I have a toddler and a mobile infant *shrugs 

Kids are down for a nap and I have about an hour maybe two to just imagine…..

I knew becoming a parent I would definitely have to get my reading skills up to par.  I would like for the kids to see books and active readers often in the house.  

I am true believer that reading creates imagination.  And kids that don’t read follow suit! 

Finding time for yourself as a mom is a must.   Mani/pedis, shopping, lunch with friends, whatever.  I haven’t indulged as much because if Daddy’s working, I just can’t leave my kids with people.  Yeah, I’m that Mom.  
So, I indulge in books for now.   This month I’m reading Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou.   This is the story of Maya and the relationship with her Mother growing up. 


Very good book and I’m only 6 chapters in.  

I’d love any book referrals for this summer from you guys.   What’s on your reading list? 

sunday vibes.

be happy. 


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