Hey there.

I’ve been away for awhile.  I am currently chasing around two toddlers, two walking toddlers.   There is not enough time in a day.  It just completely slips away, puff.  I have not posted in over two months and I am feeling disconnected at times from writing.  What do I have that people want to hear about, what could I possibly influence others to do.  But mostly, I find the posting is for me, all me.  To vent, rant, connect, disconnect who knows but it gives me the open space to be as sporadic and transparent as possible.

So now we come to sweet November.

November???? Already.  That technically means 8, yes 8, more weeks until the holiday season.  See time is simply floating away.  I intend to not only capture some of these moments but enjoy every minute.  I want to immerse myself in my family.

So now it is National Blog Post Month.  Which basically means that I have to post EVERY day in the month of November.  This is going to be so difficult but it will force me to find the joy and beauty in every single day even if the days do not always agree with me.

So I start by reintroducing myself to any newbies that may be reading.

I am Jada.

A fiancee.

A mother.

A crafter.

A doer at times.

A beautiful mess.

That paints the perfect picture.

Here’s to 29 more days of posting.   You can get a better view of me here.

Are you blogging every day this month?  What inspires you to post, I’d love some helpful tips?

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