stand for somethingi

It’s September and I’ve challenged myself to blog every day. I’m using topics for a photo challenge and putting a positive and inspirational spin on it!

What good is it to have followers and not spread positivity?


A movement has been magnified. NIKE has taken a stance for what America truly stands for.

Colin Kaepernick began his stance on bringing awareness to the social injustices and the nurse ran of people of color at the hands of police in 2016. And for that it cost him and his teammate Eric Reid their football careers. And here we are three years later even stronger.

When the movement first began, I always believed he should’ve stepped away from football because he had a bigger calling. But no, this was about principles. We had work to do.

Many people perceive his take a knee stance as unpatriotic and disrespectful to our veterans and America. No, this is just plain and simple peaceful protesting. Finding a way to bring attention and awareness to the racial disparities that exist in the US to the multitudes and what better way than to play it all out in front of the oblivious in mainstream America during it’s favorite pastime, TV and sports.

The revolution will be televised.

I think at this point if you’re still on the fence or you’re playing it safe in the neutral zone then you’ve taken a side and you are now part of the problem. How long can you tolerate social injustice?

Kaepernick’s tenacity, steadfastness and commitment to change is a testament to the human spirit and to see a huge corporation take the same risk to stand behind him is equally tantamount. It can’t always be about money, sometimes it’s just about doing what’s right!! #imwithkap #soulcialmedia


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