how writing goals down helps accomplish them

Have you ever started a goal list.

And actually completed it.

Before I had my first son I used to write in a journal.

I like to call it my Dear God letters.

I began to notice in my writing I was complaining, bitter and just wimpy.

Not the girl I knew. Who was this? It made me sick. So I changed the narrative and begin to write about the things I truly desired in life.






So I began to journal. Everyday. It was addicting. For about five months I did this and my manifestations were clear and present.

Job interview and a baby on the way.

What?!? Although the job was placed on a hiring freeze in the middle of my hiring, still, it was there, in front of me.

It frightened me to open that book because everything in it was real. Hopes, dreams, aspirations and chaos at times.

I realized that putting actual goals to paper manifests itself back to you. It creates an air of positive thinking and persistence. It’s tangible. Something you can see in front of you.

I’ve listed 5 ways goal setting has and is helping me to stay on track. It also reminds me not to forget about me.

1. Set goals for the right reason.

Be specific in your goals and have a clear vision. Unlike “I want a million dollars” or “I want a new house”. Your goals should have a life direction. What are the things that would create a fun, memorable and meaningful life? Create your journey.

2. Create three ways to accomplish that goal.

Under each goal find three solutions that will help to accomplish your goal. This is perfect for those oops and foreseen circumstances that can push current goals aside. If one way doesn’t work move to the next solution. The point is not to stop. Keep going after your goals.

3. Create deadlines.

A goal without a deadline is just a wish. Figure out time limits, not to short where you can’t complete them but not so long you push them aside. Creating deadlines reduces procrastination and missing deadlines. Decide which goals are harder and attack those first. This will quickly spike your motivation.

4. Write it down.

Seriously, studies show when you vividly describe your goals in written form you are 1.4x more times likely to achieve them than people who don’t.

So I’ve completed my goal list for September.

My list next month gets deeper because we are tackling debt.

What are your goals for the upcoming September month? How do you make sure to accomplish your goals?



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