the beyhive is where it’s at

It’s hard to imagine that a simple but essential insect will determine the existence of humanity.

It’s pretty simple, NO bees, NO food, NO humanity. The rusty patch Bumble Bee was placed on the endangered species list June of last year.

In my kids lifetime, Bumble Bees will become extinct.


Bumble Bees, key pollinators, we’re placed on the endangered species list last year. The population had dropped 90% since the 1990s. Bumble bees pollinate 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world. Honey bees are responsible for $30 billion a year in crops.

Read up here.


It gets deep y’all.

That’s just the icing on this cake. We may lose ALL the plants that bees pollinate, ALL of the animals that eat those plants and so on up the food chain.

See, I told you all this blogging just ain’t for all smiles, fashion, food and rants. I hope you gain insight when reading my posts to a space you’ve never visited before.

So how can you we help?

I reached out to a local beekeeping community here in Atlanta and requested to volunteer. She was just as ecstatic as I was but I found out she’s even happier to see more African Americans getting involved.

Representation matters!!

Find a local new club near you here.

Now I understand everyone cannot volunteer time but she did give me some simple acts on keeping bees from becoming extinct from your home backyard.

1 Plant bee-friendly flowers.

Bees are all about pollen. If you want to support the many different varieties of bees which range through your yard, plant some things which will feed them.

Bees love flowers and particularly clover. Sage, lavender, oregano and a host of other flowers.

3. Give bees a home.

You can help wood-nesting bees by setting out a few bee blocks. These are simple blocks of wood that you drill holes of various sizes into.

3 Don’t use chemicals and pesticides

Pesticides are bad for humans. They’re worse for bees. Use organic and natural means of pest control.

4 Buy local, raw honey. …

Seek out your local beekeepers and buy their honey. There are health benefits to eating local honey, and keeping small beekeepers in business is good for everyone. Issa win!

5 Bees are thirsty

Bees drink water as often as we do! Water is essential to dilute the gelatinous food secreted by certain bees.

See, really easy!

I would love for my sons to get into honey farming. 🧐 Did you know you can start a farm with as little as $500 bucks. You know me, I’m ALL about entrepreneurship with the family.

So next spring, find a Home Depot and pick up some pretty flowers this Spring.

Mother Earth will thank you for it.




3 Replies to “the beyhive is where it’s at”

  1. I saw a documentary on Netflix which showed how honey from China is often adulterated. Almond trees planted primarily for Almond milk need bees, but the trees are treated with some kind of pesticide that kills the bees. So much drama around bees, but they’re awfully important. Einstein said if bees disappeared mankind would be dead within 4 years!


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