boys are magical too

I am so elated that society has taken a turn and is now purposefully instilling values of self love, ambition, confidence and all that pixie dust that black girls sprinkle around the world and in their communities.

But what about black and brown boys!!

I have two of the most adorable little black boys, I’m biased of course, and we love them endlessly.

This post is speaking from my point of view and the black and brown world I live in. All boys need encouragement but black boys…..

I am conscious that raising strong black men is completely different from raising a strong black woman.

We choose to raise strong, independent, productive and conscious black boys too!

Don’t get me wrong, I am super proud that YES, we women and little girls can do it all. But I need my boys to be uplifted in the same manner as well.

Not just at home but in society too!

Black boys matter too!!

Black boys have so many statistics against them before they even reach the age of 8. Read below;


  • New research from the United States Census Bureau, Stanford University and Harvard University reveals that even if black boys come from wealthy families, they’re still more likely than their white counterparts to live in poverty as adults.Only 10 percent of eighth-grade black boys in the U.S. are proficient in reading.


  • Only 10 percent of eighth-grade black boys in the U.S. are proficient in reading.

Mental Health

  • From 2001 to 2015, the suicide risk for Black boys between the ages of 5 and 11 was two to three times higher than that of White boys, according to a new research letter in JAMA Pediatrics (Bridge, 2018). 


  • Black boys are expelled and suspended from school more often than other kids. A recent report by the Government Accountability Office found that black students account for 39 percent of students suspended from school, despite the fact that they comprise just 15.5 percent of all public school students.


Do I EVEN need to explain that just their very existence in living in their skin everyday is a threat. Black men are dying unnecessarily at the hands of police brutality and racially charged violence within their communities and outside of them.

I am not prepared to have the “TALK” with my boys but it is necessary. But until that age comes we will put in the work to raise them.

Keep your boys engaged at all costs even if it’s activities you come up with at home. Let them see strong examples of men in and out of the homes, connect with their male teachers and other male members in their families and their world. Instill in them their heritage and the strong omnipotent lineage of ancestry they come from.

Tell emmm….

Tell black boys they are loved.

Tell black boys they are smart.

Tell black boys they are loving and compassionate.

Tell black boys they are magical too.

Tell black boys they can have joy.

Tell black boys they are superheroes.

Tell black boys it’s okay to cry.

Tell black boys it’s okay to really love.

Tell black boys that they are excellent and not mediocre.

Tell black boys that their Mothers love them.

Tell black boys their Fathers love them.

Tell black boys their communities love them and need them.



Toxic masculinity is one of the ways in which patriarchy is harmful to men and their families. It means that society has created this image or attitude that a man is to be violent, unemotional, sexually aggressive and so forth. This is rampant in our community.

Not over here!

Black boys have a harder road in life, I believe, because they are unwanted from day one in America, hell all over the world.

I read to my boys consistently, not only for learning words, so they can see themselves outside of their world even in books. For too long we’re told or believe in the fallacies and stereotypes of how, what and where we can live and who we can be.

No more!!

We will raise our boys with the same guidance, strength and compassion that I would if they were girls.

These statistics listed above are scary as hell but we will not let these numbers determine the excellence, importance or happiness for that matter, of our sons.

Life is beautiful and it should be treated as such.

I want them to be free, free in society, free in spirit, free to be care free, happy, and unapologetically BLACK too. I want them to know self love and love of their community and their ancestry.

If you truly love and know yourself then how can you hurt others or yourself.

Black boy joy is real to me and I will do whatever it takes to foster that spirit!

Black boys matter!!!

Peace and blessings!!!

How do you foster love and hope in your boys?



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