childhood unplugged: february of fun

It’s been a while and there are a million reasons I could tell you why but…

I’ve been on a search for different activities for the boys particularly activities to tickle their interest in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math fields (STEAM).

My parents had us involved in so many programs growing up whether it was a science camp or volunteering…we stayed busy. My Mom was a connoisseur of finding youth academic programs and for free y’all but that was in 19….. neva mind.

To keep the curiosity flowing through #dembabies blood I am going to implement the same value for the boys.

This month we visited the Georgia Aquarium and an Atlanta feature Candytopia and my personal favorite the Universoul Circus.

The Aquarium has a toddler time event every month that switches themes each month. This month’s theme was Puffins. This was really fun and quite relaxing for them too.

The event is about two hours long and includes story time, an arts and craft activity and snacks in the Aquarium’s Ocean Ballroom with a spectacular view of the Beluga whales. Dos has had a fascination with whales lately so this was only fitting.

Sage met another Sage too!

Up next!!!

My personal favorite the Universoul Circus.

I have always wanted to go to this event and I finally had the chance to take my family. Even my husband was excited about it, too excited, lol.

This event was sponsored by the owner, Ms. Cynthia Walker and her husband. My mother and the owner of Universoul Circus went to college together and she was delighted to gift us tickets, so it was only right to blog about it! The seating was awesome. Don’t forget Groupon for tickets here. I would actually recommend sitting a little higher for a better view, it’s a pretty intimate setting for a circus. This was our view below in section J.

The clowns got the crowd hyped!

The Chinese acrobatics were precise!

The Ringmaster was funny too!

And lastly CANDYTOPIA. This is an exhibit in Atlanta that features artwork made entirely of candy. This exhibit has free tickets for under the age of 4 sooooooooooooo..

Issa Win for us!

And of course there was candy everywhere, we were lit for the day!

I was nervous about this one because the boys are 3 + 2 and Ion want NO problems…..

but this was fitting for kids….Yes!

It was a sensory overload for sure

My favorite was the Sphinx..

This was my favorite part of the exhibit..

And the best part is they have cameras set up on the ceiling to take aerial shots….

And ohhhh the candyyyyyy..

Soooo that was February for us and March is upon us, time for another round of fun!!

What do you have planned?



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