a medieval adventure

This year and every future year we celebrated Mother’s Day and my husband’s birthday on the same weekend.

Oh, happy belated…

This year we partnered with Macaroni Kid College and took a family trip to the Georgia Renaissance Festival in Fairburn, Ga.

I must say this was a different kind of celebration but it turned out to be quite interesting, fun and and the weather held up here in Atlanta…in MAY.

Our first stop was the theatre stage where a comedy performance was happening. It definitely caught the boy’s attention slaying dragons and all.

I’ll never understand.

Boy mom.

He racked up in tips y’all… My dog needs a job too!

Next up was what I’m most familiar with in this era.. jousting!

The boys participated in the Couriers Theater stage to learn how to address a King and Queen.

I think they were knighted too, not really sure.

Sir Knight Metcalf

The boys also visited the pet farm and actually convinced me to go in with them.

Lady Katherine

Of course you have to get your face painted at a local festival!! It took us about 20 minutes to decide on this snake.

He’s very particular.

I was most impressed with the local vendors. I found lotions, instruments, and some pretty cool wooden beer mugs.

But what I just enjoyed was the spice and herb house. You could smell it in the air. I would have never guessed..

Her flower crown was giving me goddess vibes..

The tortoise made his way back around.

I thought these two were too cute. They have been best friends for 67 years…

And when lunchtime came around you have to get foods that the Renaissance is known for.

Turkey legs…

and beer…in case you were wondering about “adulting” here, this was at the end but yeah I had a beer… and….when in Rome…

The music was fun too. I tapped my feet and clapped my hands a lovely time..

Practicing my accent..did you hear it???

Fire dancers.

I had the most fun. It was different. Game of Thrones different. Which by the way I’ve never seen.

I was with my family and they were happy and that’s mostly what being a Mom is about!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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