I’m a Mom Ambassador for Macaroni Kid College, a parent’s digital access to kid and family friendly events and this weekend we took a trip in the rain to Fernbank Museum of Natural History for their Monsterfish Show….

But first..

Let’s dance…

I am all about STEAM activities for the babies so we jumped at the chance to visit. When we walked to the entrance there was a huge display of my boy’s or most boy’s favorite….the dinosaurs!

Boy mom here..anyone else???

The Monsterfish exhibit featured deep sea river fish that were pretty scary and yeah really ugly but very beneficial to our ecosystem.

The exhibits showcased informational video sessions about different river fish.

There was a play station for families to sit and color and rest up a bit.

The museum also featured a play space for the kids to run around and explore deep sea adventures in makeshift boats.

And of course we had to stop and take a look at the HUGE dinosaur bones display. My little man just couldn’t believe it.

We had a blast. It was a perfect play date for a rainy day.

Have you visited the Fernbank lately, how was your visit?

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