birthday celebrations

#dembabies had their birthdays last month and we kept it simple and small. Their birthdays are exactly a week apart and the week is definitely busy between the two of them.

My tradition is making people birthday cakes and it was no different this year.

The boys were about to pick a theme for their cakes and it was pretty much what I expected chaotic, lol.

#AppLe picked dinosaurs and trucks for his cake. Not surprising at all. So we I got to work.

TheDollar Tree came through with the dinosaur hats and tiny figures. I really wanted it simple but fun for them.

AppLe turned the big 4 and I’m truly in awe at how the time went. Only so many summers left to watch them grow up close.

I wish all of your biggest dreams come to life!

Apple requested a cookies and creme cake…

The cake was fun to make

Happy 4th bearthday my sweet boy!!

Up next is my baby boy, JAM!! One week later a different theme! Jam turned three and his majesty requested animals and sprinkles and dassit!

He’s pretty simple too.

The evolution of three…

Happy bearthday to my sweet baby boys!!!

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