barefoot confessions: not #metoo

About ten or fifteen years ago an ex and I were playing Questions and he asked had I ever been molested. Quite shocked by his question, I quickly replied "Hell No" and to my surprise he didn't believe me. His exact words were "So you've never had a dirty uncle, stepfather or mother's boyfriend that …

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30 days of happy 

Happy May!  "I embrace success. The words "I Can't" are not in my vocabulary. I refuse to believe my own excuses! I am unstoppable!!"  ----------------------------------------------- May is Mental Health Awareness month.  Time to get your mind right and in tune with the body and spirit.  Normally, this month brings awareness to mental illnesses but I …

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losing the baby fat while having a baby 

Hey y'all!! I am back with another delayed, overdue, procrastinated post.  The last four months have been extremely sad for me.  I've been to eight funerals this year two being my beautiful big sister and beloved grandfather and it's been particularly hard to cope, mourn and manage life being a new mom, soon to be …

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