a year in review




Happy New Year!! 

We have reached 2020 and boy am I glad.  Our 2019 was very exciting to say the least.

I have revamped the blog a bit…do you like it? 

If you’ve been following my journey, thank you for following and if this is your first read..THANK YOU for joining.

2019 literally slapped each member of the household….my husband was rear ended by an 18 wheeler which left him with severe back injuries that put him out of work for almost a year.  I am so thankful that he survived and their were no fatalities but it took a toll on our family financially.  Two months later my car was stolen from the boy’s school.  A month later my 2 year old son had to have emergency surgery for a hernia. Three days later my oldest was admitted for a head injury at school that resulted in 13 stitches and a concussion. 

Our year was busy to say the least.

I hear the saying all the time that we should leave the year before behind and look to new blessings and beginning with the new year. 

I think differently, last year taught me so much. Definitely taught me how to be resourceful. Their were so many family and friends that supported us through the year at times when I wasn’t sure what would happen. 

We hear others say often what our new goals will be but after pushing through these last few months our main goal is financial freedom. We are being intentional about how we make, keep and spend our money. Key word spend, as in investing. 

I’ve been researching stocks and investments and it’s all so confusing but interesting at the same time. I understand how ‘multiple streams of income’ is the new black. If you’re 40 like me and just starting, we’re behind but there is still plenty of time to start.  

This is a scary place to be….betting money on something that may not return.

But I do that everyday spending money on unnecessary items. 

We have a little cushion that we can take a risk and see how it goes. I am a complete newbie at this and finding the right financial advisor is key.  Fortunately, we are members of USAA and they have been assisting us along the way. 

I know from the economics class I took in high school lonnnng ago to invest in places you frequent. so believe it or not…I’m looking at Dollar Tree. 


So in November dollar Tree’s stocks fell because of the tariffs that the Trump administration started which cut in th pockets of major retailers like Dollar Tree where majority of their products are imported from CHina. 

But they have a plan and seem to be unphased about it. They are outsourcing to other countries, renovating stores to make them more modern and tech friendly and they are unveiling new initiatives such as a snack line. 

I’ve been watching their stocks over the month and it seems to be increasing well. I guess…lol. Like I said I have so much to learn but in addition to running a business, going back to school and reading more books this year, stocks and investment is a delight to add to my goals for 2020? 

Do you invest in stock? Which ones? Any tips you can give a newbie?