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***the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents. ***

Fawty is approaching fast, like in 4 months. But I welcome it.

I’ve been blogging for about three years and I always felt I had a bit of a late start. I’m 39 with a 2 and 1 year old. Yeah… I started late. I began journaling my transition into motherhood to vent and record the process of pregnancy but eventually it turned into a blog to reach out and connect with other moms.

I’m finding this blogger world is filled with beautiful, vivacious twenty and thirty something millennial moms and I’m just not relating at times.

Sure, motherhood is a connection in itself but I need to hear from women who made or didn’t have a choice at making babies this late in the game. Is it a good decision or should we have done it way sooner?

No regrets here…. yeah right. The energy alone it takes to keep up with kids is a pro for babies early. But the time for me to have my babies was the time for me to have them.

Photo by Kita Bryant

First I have to decide what is or thought was a successful blog to me.


I see that’s not as easy either. Of course the main goal would be to gain tons of followers and paid advertisements, but at 40 is that really the point.

40, I welcome you with open arms. Grudges are lost, memories matter + kindness is power.

It feels like patience, serenity, flow and grace. .

Is that you GOD?

Now my definition of success has transitioned and for the better. Being successful is connecting with a community of women of color over 40 who want to make positive changes in their lives as well as in their families and communities. I mean it’s our duty and rites of passage as we age in society, to make it better for the new group of moms.

Trill mothers.

I want to inspire women in midlife! And from what I see there aren’t many 40-ish fabulous women of color blogs out there besides fashion and beauty and that is sparse too. Some of us are glamorous and some not fancy, all the time I should say. I clean up well. It’s just beauty and fashion are low on my list with #dembabies. Plus I need help in styling a 40 year old body, yes LAWD somebody help me.

I remember being in my 20s and I looked up to older women mostly not my peers. The beauty, the class, the grace, the confidence…..YES!!!

I’ll put up a post or two on anti-aging or age defying tricks lol…that’s the beauty medium I’m categorized in at 40. Post some outfits besides the mom uniforms. I don’t want to go backwards, sure my 20s were fun but it was a confusing time for me trying to work through life.

So I’ll just remain me.

J a d a.

The plain Jane, the girl next door and hope you find something that ignites a flame, inspires or creates a space where you are able to find what makes you truly happy with your life and yourself.

Whether it is family, love, lifestyle, beauty or fashion I hope you will join me on my journey through 40-ish.

I started a Facebook group called Ready, Start 40-ish

for black moms beginning families 40ish.. just to connect personally with followers… I really hate that word.. working on another term. Please join our 2 member group for now lol.

So good day for now Mamas!

What inspires you right now in the moment? What are some of your over 40 blogs, I’d love to follow?





self-care sunday|| diy face scrub

I posted this a couple months after having my second son over a year ago and I still stick to this routine every Sunday.

With all the skincare products out now it’s pretty hard to choose just one and stick with it.

I aim to use all natural organic products on my skin and the boys.  If I can’t eat it then I will not use it on my body. My skin regimen now includes dry brushing (a beneficial technique not just for skin), exfoliating and moisturizing with natural body scrubs and butters.

Changing how I wash my face helped mostly. I now wash with an activated charcoal cleanser, I’ll share that recipe soon, or vegetable soap at night with just a few splashes of water in the morning, spritz of rose water for toner and a cotton ball with grapeseed coconut oil to moisturize.

The compliments are rolling in and it’s nothing short of a confidence booster to say the least.

I love the occasional visits to spas for facials. Iwi Fresh Garden Spa in Atlanta is my fav although I haven’t been in awhile.  They use fresh veggies and fruits in their spa services. In between visits, however long it may be, I like to keep up the daily care.

I’ve been using all natural body scrubs for over 7+ years now and it has done wonders from a sun kissed glow to a moisturizing and refreshing feel.  My coworkers even wanted me to make them some.  My favorite body scrub is the Citrus Sea Salt Scrub.

Using a citrus scrub helps to prevent skin acne, blemishes or a dull complexion. The acidic properties of lemon juice removes dead skin cells and leads to smoother skin. It works wonders as a hand and foot scrub to remove too. The results, pure magic. My skin is soft and not greasy like and it lasts for hours.

The best part, there are only four natural ingredients

1 c coarse sea salt

5-7 drops lemongrass oil

2-3 drops sweet orange oil

2/3c grapeseed oil

I exfoliate once a week although I do use scrubs on my feet daily.  Too much exfoliation can cause extreme dryness, inflammation and even broken blood vessels if done too harshly.

What’s your skincare routine?

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!****

boys have curls too

I truly thought I had hit the lick when I had two boys….meaning no hair braided, no detangling, no deep conditioners, and no salons?

I was ever so wrong.

The boys require just as much maintenance as me it seems. My biggest problem is the lint the boys catch in their kinks and curls. Satin pillowcases for boys? 🤔

My routine for them, mainly Sage because Jus still has those baby curls going, is quite simple and old school.

Castile soap.

Coconut oil.

Mango butter hair grease.

And if it’s a special occasion I drop some of that Cantu Curling Cream on them.  I have tried all types of products on my hair and it lead my to this, the cheaper one.  So I refuse to troll through baby hair products.

I wash their hair with Castille soap and use coconut oil as a leave in conditioner. Sage has super curly hair like mine and his shrinkage is real too. I use hair grease daily to keep his scalp moisturized so his hair won’t look so dry. I lightly trim his ends every four or five months especially if the ends become knotted.

These products work well for me, no hassles and it’s cost effective as well. The grease is a $1 and lasts for about a month. The coconut oil I purchased from Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market, here in Decatur, Ga and I literally have it for months with all the use we get out of it.  And the Castille soap,…….is $1.50 a bar at Big Lots and it’s pure Castille.  I forgot to snap a pic but I will post of pic later when I restock.

A total of $2.50.

What products do you use on your son’s hair? Is keeping boys’ hair as high maintenance as having girls?

*****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!*****

DIY Vlog on Skin Toner 

People!!  I am still living in this unspoken paradigm of motherhood and LIFE!  Time management is my daily goal and squeezing posts in when I can, or cannot for that matter, when I should.   One thing I do try to keep up with is my skin care.

I’m exhausted and the last thing I am thinking of is a beat face honey, sometimes!  Most days a lightly colored lipgloss will do.  But I do try to maintain my skin complexion and tone by exfoliating, skin brushing and skin toners.

My skin tends to get super oily in the summer and moisturizers can be heavy and greasy too. So to make it easy I cleanse my face at night and in the mornings a splash of water and toner and I’m good.  Oh and lipgloss!

I decided to make rose petal, lemongrass and mint toner water.  The benefits of these leaves basically is amazing: 

Rose Petals – Excellent antibacterial properties that are effective in fighting acne and breakouts 

Lemongrass- Has the same antibacterial properties but is also a natural astringent. 

Mint- Fresh aroma and also strengthens skin tissue and reduces oily skin. 

I made my first DIY video playing around with a few apps so excuse the background noises but I like it it’s kind of raw.

The instructions are pretty simple if you need to see them written down like me sometimes.


Rose Petals


Mint leaves

Purified Drinking water

Witch Hazel

Kitchen Utensils

Small strainer


Spray bottle or jar to keep water in

  1. Boil water for five minutes first.
  2. Add rose petals, lemongrass and mint leaves and boil for 5/10 minutes.
  3. Remove ingredients from water and strain into a bowl several times before placing in your spray bottle or container.
  4. Add three parts toner water to one part witch hazel.
  5. Refrigerate for up to 4 days.
  6. Spray on after cleaning and moisturizing your face or just for a quick refresher throughout the day.



Do you make your own skin toner?  What ingredients do you use? Leave a comment here or on FB or IG

****the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!!****

Beauty on A Budget

Beauty is skin deep and deep in the pockets lately! I’ve been extremely busy balancing this life of motherhood.  Exhausted is not even descriptive enough to show how I feel.  

Do I look like I feel, sometimes YES! 



My first throw up moment….

It’s been five months and I’m noticing that I haven’t paid as much attention to the details into going into me because of all the time that goes into Sage.  I don’t recognize this person at all.  I definitely still make an effort to match, be clean and neat but I don’t think I’ve ever had routine wardrobes.  A lot of leggings, sneakers and big shirts are defining my style….BLAH! I mean I was far from high maintenance or a pre Madonna but I enjoyed being a girl to put in simpler terms. 

So now I need a reboot back to me.  The first place I started was a fresh new look with my hair.  I’ve been natural for about 10 years now and it’s been almost three since I’ve pressed my hair out.  I definitely can’t afford the $70 do I was used to.  Or maybe I just don’t want to spend that much money on me with him in the spotlight. 

Those cheeks tho…..

So I’ve compromised on my prices but not beauty.  My cousin and I decided to try a local beauty school for my beauty needs to start the weekend.  I tried this experience years ago and I was satisfied but I never went back.  No reason why.

Beauty schools offer the same services as hair salons and spas at a significantly lower price.  The catch is that students are providing their services for a grade.  I chose Empire Beauty School in Dunwoody, Ga.  

My stylist was Tieraney aka BOOGIE!!! She said no pics today….. Really sweet and wants to do makeup and hair for the deceased in funeral homes.  You Go Girl!!! *in my Martin voice

So begins the journey…. 



My hair is extremely curly and has so much shrinkage.  I wear a TWA sometimes when I haven’t twisted it up but when it’s pressed—-> OH WOW!! 



I was shampooed, then she applied a leave in conditioner.  Unfortunately, I wrote down the services that I wanted but somehow it wasn’t input on my ticket so I ended up with the basic shampoo and style.  I was given a discount card to return for free services on my next visit for the mishap!  Hey, problem solved!!!
Boogie then pressed me out.  I was set on cutting it but when I saw how much length I retained through my pregnancy and post partum I quickly changed my mind. 

I even opted to keep the grey hair.  It’s growing on me but I will switch it up and dye it. Quick!  

So my one gripe about the whole process is the time it takes…..3 hours for a press out.  I’ve been spoiled with my one hour in and out runs. But for $12 ya can’t beat that with some Beats by Dre! Haaaa I made a funny. 


And the results were FAB. U. LOUS. 


Sage just stares and smiles at Mommy, babe is on the fence about it, he likes my natural look.  I love naturals because I have options to switch it up whenever I feels. Yes, feels!

So needless to say this will be a weekly trip if time permits.  I would love to try their facials and nail services!  I’ll keep you guys posted on my next visit.  

So for these prices I can still be me on a budget.  Everyone wins because when Mama’s happy, everything is copacetic.  

Not to say I’ve completely kicked my beautician to the curb, I love to revisit for those special occasions and delights of just being a girl and major cuts.  A little nervous with a student and fancy cuts.  I’ll let ’em hook a bob up for me. 

Google your local beauty schools and try for yourself.  Would you try a beauty school do at a discounted rate? 

Let’s chat! 


***the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents!****