ready, start 40-ish mom

Too old to blog???

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boys have curls too

I truly thought I had hit the lick when I had two boys….meaning no hair braided, no detangling, no deep conditioners, and no salons? I was ever so wrong. The boys require just as much maintenance as me it seems. My biggest problem is the lint the boys catch in their kinks and curls. Satin […]

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DIY Vlog on Skin Toner 

People!!  I am still living in this unspoken paradigm of motherhood and LIFE!  Time management is my daily goal and squeezing posts in when I can, or cannot for that matter, when I should.   One thing I do try to keep up with is my skin care. I’m exhausted and the last thing I […]

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Beauty on A Budget

Beauty is skin deep and deep in the pockets lately! I’ve been extremely busy balancing this life of motherhood.  Exhausted is not even descriptive enough to show how I feel.   Do I look like I feel, sometimes YES!       My first throw up moment…. It’s been five months and I’m noticing that I […]

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