vegan chickpea curry

*****the opinions expressed in LCC are just that, MY two cents!! **** This vegan thing is getting way out of hand. I’m hooked on the chickpeas and curry recipes. Both have extremely helpful benefits for you as well. See here and here. At first this was just a seven day kind of thing but now […]

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veggie omelette toast

Breakfast is served.   I really enjoy cooking for my family even if at times Apple and I are the only ones who eat.  Mistor is pretty simple, not too fancy even with his food.  Me….my palette is all over the place.   I cooked Veggie Omelette Toast yesterday and it was really delicious.  I […]

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diy || alkaline water is life 

It’s the truth!  Water is life.  Can’t live without it.  I normally drink a fair amount between 3-4 8oz bottles a day but I know I need to drink more.  It’s not very easy for me to drink a gallon a day, the bathroom breaks, ridiculous.  I prefer to buy bottles, more of a mind […]

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