chicken & mushroom fettuccine

So the staple that holds this family together are quick 30 minute (or less) one pot meals. I’ll squeeze a crockpot meal in at least two days of the week. He asked if I cooked when we first met…..yeahhhhhh! I just didn’t mention mostly one pot meals.  So now we have two littles under two […]

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A Pic A Day 1-15

I  blog in the wee hours, mostly because it’s when my Apple is asleep and I can complete a task.  I piggybacked my Project 52 off of the initial Project 365+1 where you take a photo a day. Pretty intimidating but I told myself I’m gonna do it.  Most of my pics are loosely based […]

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Avocado Quinoa Bowl

Food is a delightful treat of mine anytime, anywhere. I try my best to eat a variety of healthy foods but I backslide as any normal human would.  I decided to try a 21 Day Sugar Detox to cleanse my body of toxins, inflammation and replenish energy levels as well.  Not to mention it brightens […]

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Homemade “Country” Coleslaw

I am trying to eat a variety of healthy foods so that my breast milk will be somewhat flavored to my son.  This will be easier to introduce foods, especially vegetables, into his diet when it comes time to eat solid foods. I will post more recipes when I can actually find the time to […]

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