Hey there!! I am Jada, a care free, free-spirited, self proclaimed glamorous, kinky haired, brown mama.  I am a mother of two under two.  I am also engaged to a wonderful man, Mistor, I like to call him.  No misspelling there.

My true passion is crafting, refurbishing, creating, I love it all.


All in a days work!!  Now that we have two sons, Sage and Justus, my way of thinking and viewing the world has changed tremendously.  I started this blog to share my experiences as a parent, crafting projects, product reviews and inspirational posts to work towards a common goal of balancing life and raising life.  I am on the quest of starting my own business and currently writing for this blog and another Mama Needs a Hug.

I look forward to creating ample memories for my children to look back on and sharing our life with you.  Creating a bigger village one post at a time, I look forward to meeting you too!


I would love to here from you!

Please leave a comment or email at lovecottonandcurls @gmail.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest!

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