so you haven’t tried elderberries yet?

Hey Mamas, Its been a busy last few months with planning a wedding and running around with the kids and life basically. Stress. With all this running around the stress is taking its toll on me and I am not trying to get sick but I have a secret. Well not a secret but a … Continue reading so you haven’t tried elderberries yet?


barefoot confessions: not #metoo

About ten or fifteen years ago an ex and I were playing Questions and he asked had I ever been molested. Quite shocked by his question, I quickly replied "Hell No" and to my surprise he didn't believe me. His exact words were "So you've never had a dirty uncle, stepfather or mother's boyfriend that … Continue reading barefoot confessions: not #metoo


Hey there. I've been away for awhile.  I am currently chasing around two toddlers, two walking toddlers.   There is not enough time in a day.  It just completely slips away, puff.  I have not posted in over two months and I am feeling disconnected at times from writing.  What do I have that people want … Continue reading puff