ready, start 40-ish mom

***the opinions expressed on LCC are just that, MY two cents. ***

Fawty is approaching fast, like in 4 months. But I welcome it.

I’ve been blogging for about three years and I always felt I had a bit of a late start. I’m 39 with a 2 and 1 year old. Yeah… I started late. I began journaling my transition into motherhood to vent and record the process of pregnancy but eventually it turned into a blog to reach out and connect with other moms.

I’m finding this blogger world is filled with beautiful, vivacious twenty and thirty something millennial moms and I’m just not relating at times.

Sure, motherhood is a connection in itself but I need to hear from women who made or didn’t have a choice at making babies this late in the game. Is it a good decision or should we have done it way sooner?

No regrets here…. yeah right. The energy alone it takes to keep up with kids is a pro for babies early. But the time for me to have my babies was the time for me to have them.

Photo by Kita Bryant

First I have to decide what is or thought was a successful blog to me.


I see that’s not as easy either. Of course the main goal would be to gain tons of followers and paid advertisements, but at 40 is that really the point.

40, I welcome you with open arms. Grudges are lost, memories matter + kindness is power.

It feels like patience, serenity, flow and grace. .

Is that you GOD?

Now my definition of success has transitioned and for the better. Being successful is connecting with a community of women of color over 40 who want to make positive changes in their lives as well as in their families and communities. I mean it’s our duty and rites of passage as we age in society, to make it better for the new group of moms.

Trill mothers.

I want to inspire women in midlife! And from what I see there aren’t many 40-ish fabulous women of color blogs out there besides fashion and beauty and that is sparse too. Some of us are glamorous and some not fancy, all the time I should say. I clean up well. It’s just beauty and fashion are low on my list with #dembabies. Plus I need help in styling a 40 year old body, yes LAWD somebody help me.

I remember being in my 20s and I looked up to older women mostly not my peers. The beauty, the class, the grace, the confidence…..YES!!!

I’ll put up a post or two on anti-aging or age defying tricks lol…that’s the beauty medium I’m categorized in at 40. Post some outfits besides the mom uniforms. I don’t want to go backwards, sure my 20s were fun but it was a confusing time for me trying to work through life.

So I’ll just remain me.

J a d a.

The plain Jane, the girl next door and hope you find something that ignites a flame, inspires or creates a space where you are able to find what makes you truly happy with your life and yourself.

Whether it is family, love, lifestyle, beauty or fashion I hope you will join me on my journey through 40-ish.

I started a Facebook group called Ready, Start 40-ish

for black moms beginning families 40ish.. just to connect personally with followers… I really hate that word.. working on another term. Please join our 2 member group for now lol.

So good day for now Mamas!

What inspires you right now in the moment? What are some of your over 40 blogs, I’d love to follow?





just say no to school

I think somebody is ready for pre-school…

I create a schooling activity with Sage for about an hour or so a day, hell, 10 minutes most of the time. It’s mostly sporadic throughout the day but consistent.  We read the Sage the same book over and over for about a month.  That was a tip from a schoolteacher.  He recognizes sounds, knows A,S,Z (in that order) and knows his name when he sees it.


I am winging this basically. BUT he can say thank you, please, and covers his mouth when he coughs. #thatsmyboy I want him to be polite first as well as smart.

Please and thank you will take you a long way!

I feel a little less guilty when he pulls out his school books!  My fiancé and I have mulled over the idea of homeschooling but I’m not sure if I’m quite organized enough. I read to Sage pretty much every night and I can see him picking up on certain pages and says what’s he’ll see next.  I feel as though I am holding him back from learning and discovering new skills, life skills too.

Socially, I want him to come be aware of other people and their differences.  But it’s a scary world.  I don’t want to instill the fear I have for him, not only as my child but as a BLACK child.  Most of the world doesn’t seem to care for or about them.

Now what the real deal is….. I don’t want NOBODY to mess with my kids.  There are so many crazy things and people, it’s incomprehensible.

I just have to pray and ask for discernment.  And a prayer of protection over them too.


I love watching him grow and learn and figure things out on his own. I’d like to think I helped in those decisions he’s making. *toot toot but I still take first priority in teaching him manners.

I love polite children.

I believe manners come with discipline so I’m getting a twoofer.

What convinced you to do homeschooling?

 I would love to hear tips and suggestions!

thank you for reading.

please come again.

be happy.


childhood unplugged 

We had a full week and Mama was tired by Thursday but I hung in there for the kiddos… 

Centennial Park was so much fun but Sage was not trying to get wet.   We had a play date with Sages buddy…. he loved the water needless to say!

Baby Jus got wet too…

Tot Spot at Atlantic station had a tennis theme for the babies.  It was too adorable watching them play… 

Vegan pops…. 

and then the Juneteenth festival… 

And we capped it off with Father’s Day…

…..behind the scenes of this photoshoot! I caught the spit up just in time! 

happy father’s day.

be happy.

toddler outings 

June is here and summer is around the corner.  The kids will be starting preschool in August and I am not feeling that.

Another post.

I want to spend as much time with the boys as I can before their first day.  I am really sad about that too.

So June is full of activities and I want to share a few of the events we will be visiting this week permitting the weather holds it together.

I’m not sure where you’re from but Atlanta always has tons of activities to do year round but the summer is when the festivals, summer concerts and family friendly activities really begin.  I read a few magazines to find things to do like Atlanta Parent, The Creative Loafing and Georgia Family Magazine.

Click the links for more detailed information.


We’re in for the day after the weekend activities but we will work on ABC flash cards and do our regular which is lunch in the park by our house at Clayton County International Park.


We’re headed to Tot Spot at Atlantic Station.  We haven’t been here before but I hear a lot about it.  We (I) can’t wait for Tuesday to roll around.  This week it’s a tennis theme sponsored by BB&T.


This week we’ll take Marta, our public transportation system here in Atlanta to Centennial Park and do lunch.  I know it sounds mundane but the sounds and the people watching make for great a day out and Sage loves trains so I can’t wait to see his face.


We’re headed to story time and arts and crafts at The Atlanta Baby Exchange.  We’ve been going here for a over a year now and have grown with the other moms and tots.  We love Ms. Tovliyaa, our story reader!

Pic courtesy of ABE


Summer in the City begins in Downtown Decatur from 5-11.  A family friendly festival where the streets meet the beach.  


This is Juneteenth month and we’re going to the Juneteenth Festival with YaYa.  So pack your chairs and pull up to watch the parade.

What are you guys up to his week? Hope to see you at some of these events!

be happy.


diy || baby oil 

I am completely obsessed with skin care and all natural products at that.  I love to make my own scrubs and butters.  My babies included too.

I am so hesitant to buy products off the shelf.  They claim to be natural but the ingredients list is still full of preservatives.  I try to stick to if I can’t eat it I don’t use it on my skin.  I used coconut oil and olive oil for their skincare exclusively until they were six months old then I began to make my own mild scents.

I am loving grapeseed oil.  I use it as a nightly moisturizer on my face.  Now that my youngest son is older I can use a grapeseed oil mix that I poe’d up.

POE UP shawty!

The smell is subtle and baby like.  Everyone always says they smell like babies…go figure.. 

It smells heavenly.  Very fresh and earthy too.   A clean smell as Daddy says.

My Dos got a head to toe rub down with some extra love tonight using the baby oil I made.  We literally have a massage routine starting with his limbs moving onward and down.  Massages and stretches are very soothing for babies.  Dad bathed Sage tonight so his rub down I’m sure was rather quick, if at all lol.  I rub them down for about ten minutes at night if I’m not too tired.

It always puts them right to sleep.

Try it Mamas!

The ingredients are really simple….

(Not the best pic but you get the picture)


All equal parts of oils then add drops of oil to your scent liking I used:

1/3 Coconut oil (melted)

1/3 Grapeseed oil

1/3 Olive oil

10-15 drops of lemongrass oil 

*****lemongrass oil is very strong and can overpower your other scents so I do one drop at a time until satisfied)

5-10 drops of sweet orange oil

5-10 drops of sandalwood oil

Shake well together.

Adjust the amounts of essential oils to your scent liking.

Apply on wet or damp skin.  Wet is the key.  I rub them down while wet and let them air dry.

***** PLEASE do a patch test on your baby before trying this recipe.   Some babies skin may still be sensitive after 6 months however none of these oils are harmful if used.*****

be happy.